How To Apply for Schengen Visa From UK?

The United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen region but the British citizens could travel to the Schengen areas without a visa for 90-days as per Schengen visa agreement between the states. A Schengen visa makes all the Schengen area a visa-free space. It is valid for 90-days in the given period of six months.

Who Needs Visa To Travel Schengen Countries From UK?

Any individual who is residing in the UK on the residence permit which is valid for at least three months after leaving the Schengen territory and belongs to a state whose citizens are required to apply for a Schengen visa is eligible to apply for a Schengen visa. More details can be found at who needs a Schengen visa page.

Any person who is just visiting the UK and wants to extend the tour to the Schengen region couldn’t do it, as it is only possible to file the application from your country.


Schengen Visa Requirements For UK Residents:

The consulates and embassies of the Schengen region have their own policies for the documents to submit for the Schengen visa application. But some common documents are as follow:

  • A valid passport that is 10 years old with 2 blank pages and valid for three months at least after your return from the Schengen region
  • A UK residence permit (endorsed on passport) or any other valid document of your residency in the UK
  • A cover letter representing your purpose to visit the desired destinations
  • A Schengen visa application form filled and signed
  • A single photo glued on the application form
  • Flight itinerary or round trip flight ticket
  • Proof of hotel accommodation
  • A travel insurance policy valid in the Schengen territory
  • Traveling fund showing at least £55 per person to be spent in a single day in the Schengen region; it is to be presented as the photocopies of the bank statements or traveler’s checks – not older than a month

These are the general documents required by all. Here are the specified documents for different categories of the Schengen area travelers:

  • For the Employees of the Company: A reference letter from the company located in the UK showing the information about hire date, salary, position, and numbers of vacations with date
  • For Self-Employed Travelers: A letter with the company’s header stating the initiating date of the business, professional activity, VAT certificate, business registration, and revenue information that their business generates
  • For Retirees: Statement of the pension of the last 6 months from applying
  • For Foreign Students in the UK: A letter from the institute having details of the course, type of studies, and attendance record of the student
  • Unemployed married to a UK citizen: Spouse’s letter of employment (not older than three months) showing job initiating date with position in the company, along with the Spouse’s passport and marriage certificate translated in English or known language in the place to visit; when the marriage was conducted outside the UK, the certificated must be stamped by the issuing country’s foreign office.

To know about detailed Schengen visa requirements, here.


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What is the Right Time to Apply for Schengen Visa from the UK?

The ideal time to apply is at least 15 days before you plan to visit the Schengen region. Earliest you can apply is the 3 months before you wish to travel. Your visa application will get approved within two weeks but in some special cases, this time period may extend to one month where additional documents are required. So, apply while keeping in mind that it might take up to 30 days to get your application approved.

What Is The Procedure To Apply For The Schengen Visa In UK?

To submit the Schengen visa application at the relevant embassy of the Schengen country, you need to make the appointment first. You can do it online (if the embassy allows) or you need to visit the embassy or consulate in person to get the appointment.



What is Schengen Visa ApplicationFee To Apply from the UK?

The short term Schengen visa has similar fees all over the world. Here are the fee categories by age:


Schengen Visa Fee CategoryAmount in Euro
Adult60 €
Children (between 6-12 years)30  €
Children (below 6)Free

Where To Apply for Schengen Visa from the UK?

If you intend to visit only a single Schengen destination then you don’t need to be worried about where to apply. You can go to the embassy/ consulate of your selected region to submit your application. The choice increases when the traveling plan has more than one destination. In this scenario, you will be faced with two situations when it comes to the selection of the embassy/ consulate.

Either you will be staying in two countries for equal time; in that case, submit your application in the embassy where you are visiting first. Secondly, if you are going to spend unequal time in two Schengen territories, then apply for the visa in the embassy of the state where you have planned to spend more time.


What is the Best Time to Apply for a Schengen Visa?

The best time to apply for the Schengen visa is around 15-days before you plan to visit any Schengen state, but the earlier is better. The earliest you can apply is 3-month prior to your visit.