Greece Consulate in Izmir, Turkey- Lucky to Get Schengen Visa Approval

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Lonian seas. Influential in ancient times, it’s often called the cradle of Western civilization. Athens retains landmarks including the 5th century B.C. Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple. Greece is also known for its beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos. Greece has everything settled in one place that anyone can desire to visit once in a lifetime. Citizens from outside countries may need to obtain a Schengen visa. If you are living or residing in Izmir, Turkey and planning a trip to Greece, then you can apply from Greece Consulate in Izmir. The Greece Consulate has appointed KOSMOS company as an official partner to facilitate processing of Greece visas. KOSMOS facilitates the collection of visa applications and biometrics data and then forward submitted documents to the Greece Consulate in Izmir, Turkey

Schengen visa (2019) stats issued at Greece Embassy in Izmir, Turkey

ConsulateTotal Uniform visas applied forTotal Uniform visas IssuedMultiple entry uniform visas issuedTotal LTV Visas issued

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When to Apply for a Greece Visa at Greece Embassy, Izmir, Turkey?

At any moment, Turkish citizens can apply for a Greece visa at the Greece Embassy in Izmir. However, we recommended applying for a visa at least 15 days before your departure. Greece consulates offers their services in the following cities of Turkey such as: Afyon, Antalya, Aydin, Burdur, Denizli, Isparta, Izmir, Manisa. Greece Tourist visa also known as short- stay visa or a Greece Schengen visa. It is a travel authorization that permits you to visit Greece for unnecessary reasons such as tourism or business excursions.

Where to Apply for a Greece Visa?

You should submit your completed application for a Greece visa to the Greek Embassy in your place of residency. Any of the following could be the case:

  • The Greek Consulate or Embassy.
  • Another Schengen country’s embassy or consulate representing Greece.
  • A third-party Visa Service Center that accepts applications on Greece’s behalf.

Greece Embassy in Izmir, Turkey – Contact Office Info

Address: Atatürk Caddesi No.262 Alsancak 35220 Izmir Turkey
Telephone: (+90) 232 421 6992, (+90) 232 464 3160-1
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: By Appointment
Location on google map:

Visa Types you can apply for Greece tour

Here are the types of visas you can apply for:

If you plan to visit Greece, you must obtain a travel visa.

Family visit:
You can apply for a family visit visa if you have a family member in Greece.

If you want to visit Greece for business, you can apply for a business visa.

You can apply for a driver’s visa if you want to visit Greece to drive a car.

If you want to visit Greece for sports or cultural reasons, you can apply for a visa under one of the following categories.

You can apply for a medical visa if you need medical treatment in Greece or to see your doctor there.

How to Apply for Greece Visa in Izmir, Turkey?

Kosmas Visa external visa service provider gives the best service possible to visa applicants. Kosmos is a third-party company that works with the Greek Consulate. The Greek Consulate in Izmir has outsourced all visa petitions to Kosmos. Steps listed below will guide you on how to apply for a Greece Visa

Step 1: Select your Visa Category

First and foremost, choose your visa category. Select the best option from the drop-down menu and click the list. Following that, read all of the instructions for a simple application process.

Step 2: Complete Your Greece Travel Visa Application Online

Fill the online visa application form and print the completed form. Fulfil all the details which are demanded to fill the form such as:

  1. Personal information details
  2. Trip start and end dates.
  3. Sponsor for the trip details.

    Step 3: Collect Required Travel Visa Documents

    The following documents may be required when applying for a tourist visa from the Greek embassy in Izmir, Turkey.

    1. Valid Passport (with few blank pages)
    2. Completed tour
    3. Passport size Photograph
    4. Round trip flight confirmation
    5. Hotel Booking Confirmation
    6. Proof of financial stability
    7. invitation letter
    8. International medical insurance
    9. Vaccination Document
    10. No Objection Certificate
    11. Proof of residence

    Step 4: Book an Appointment with Kosmos Vize for Greece Embassy in Izmir

    After completing your application then you’ll be able to book Greece Visa appointment online with the Kosmos Vize by choosing available dates matching your preferred time. You will be notified of your visa appointment date once you have completed the application. To make an appointment for a biometric data collection, you will be given an appointment confirmation and a letter. You can explore more about Biometrics information by clicking here. You can also wait for your Greece visa interview after your appointment.

    Step 5: Attend the Greece Visa Interview at Greece Consulate in Izmir

    Greece visa interview is held on the scheduled date. Check out the link for a list of some important and frequently asked questions about Schengen Visa Interview questions. The interview is a meeting between you and the visa officer during which you will be questioned about your planned trip to Greece. Answer each question truthfully and confidently.

    Pay your Visa Fee

    You will be required to pay a fee as a part of your application for a Greece visa. The fee is required to fulfill the costs of processing your application. Depending on the embassy, you may be required to pay this fee online, at a bank, or a person at the embassy.

    Step: 6 Track your Visa Application

    When your application is returned to the Visa Center, you will be notified via Email of the decision. If you don’t have easy access to email or want more detailed tracking information, you can also receive updates via SMS. If your visa is denied because you will be notified of the reason. Simply correct the issue, and it will be resolved. You can write an appeal letter for a visa rejection if you believe there was no clear reason for your visa rejection.

    KOSMOSVIZE Office Location and Contact Information

    Address: Akdeniz Cad. Akdeniz Mah. Sadullah Hamit Birsel İş Merkezi No:14 Büro No:69/A Konak – İzmir
    Telephone: (0850) 474 20 21
    Email: [email protected]
    Office Hours: 08:00am to 05:00pm
    Location on google map:


    FAQs on Greece Visa

    1. Do Turkish citizens need a visa to go to Greece?

    Yes, Turkish citizens require a visa.

    2. What is the validity of Greece Visa?

    A visa is valid for a maximum of three months within six months. In some cases, the embassy may grant you a shorter validity period, such as three weeks or even four days. All of this information is contained on the visa in your passport.

    The Bottom Line

    Greece is a busy place with many carnival events going on, as well as a vacation destination with a rich history. People visiting Greece should not miss visiting the Santorini islands. Certain country citizens are required to get Greece Tourist visa beforehand to travel and so careful planning needs to be done for getting a visa approval. You can travel to any of the wonderful Greek islands with your Greek tourist visa and enjoy everything has the country has to offer.