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Embassy asks hotel bookings for visa application

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Flight itinerary

Whether you are in need of multi-city flight bookings, round trip tickets, or a flight itinerary, we have the resources to get your visa travel plans in place without you having to purchase full price tickets.

Travel Insurance

Don’t leave without cover. Wherever your chosen destination, you can find the best priced travel insurance for the whole family right here. We also provide Schengen travel insurance, getting your Schengen visa application one step closer to approval.

Hotel Booking

Providing hotel bookings for any country in the world we can get your travel plans in motion. For visa applications, we can arrange hotel confirmation that will move your visa application forward and give you the opportunity to amend your booking at a later date free of charge.

Buyer Protection

We respect your privacy. Your data is secured with us and will not be shared with any third party. We will be with you every step of the way to make your trip easy and enjoyable.

Know the Importance of Travel Itineraries and
Why Embassies Ask for Visa Application’s

Flight Reservation for VISA Application

Part of the visa application process requests that you obtain a flight reservation. This does not mean that you need to purchase a real flight ticket in fact the embassies advise not buying a flight ticket until your travel visa is approved. A flight reservation is more like a dummy ticket that will significantly improve the chance of your visa being approved. Unfortunately,there are scams around that will deliver a fake flight itinerary and if you submit this with your visa application you will be rejected.This will not only shatter your travel plans but will also affect any future visa applications. Trying to acquire a legitimate flight reservation can be rather complicated and confusing which is why it's better to seek a third party who can successfully complete this step for you.

Hotel Bookings for VISA Application

Paying upfront for a hotel booking before having a visa application approved is a huge risk isn’t it? Yet having a hotel confirmation is essential to the visa application process. Again, this can be a very complex affair but one where we are able to help. Much like the flight reservation, we can provide you with a genuine hotel confirmation at a great price where you won’t risk losing your money. The authorities want to ensure that you have some form of accommodation secured prior to departure so that they can see that you have solid travel plans in place. Upon visa application approval you can revisit the hotel confirmation and set the exact arrival and departure dates for your stay.

Travel Medical Insurance

Purchasing a high coverage travel insurance policy prior to travelling is always a good idea however, when applying for a visa, in particular a Schengen visa, arranging medical travel insurance is compulsory. Again, finding a good deal for legitimate and secure medical insurance can be difficult. How do you know if you are getting a good deal? Are there any hidden costs? There are several different areas that you need to examine to ensure that the travel insurance policy fully covers you and that can take up a lot of time and energy. Here on VisaBookings, we have narrowed down the ultimate travel insurance policies with the best prices around to make this step easier, getting your visa application fully equipped with the correct documentation.



Don’t waste time searching through the web trying to find the best deal on a travel health insurance policy. Let us take care of that bit for you. We have put together the highest quality and best priced travel health insurance plans available to get you fully covered.



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