Spanish consulate Miami- how to apply Spain Schengen visa

Many people living in Miami planning to visit schengen countries apply spain schengen visa at Spanish consulate Miami. The kingdom of Spain lies mostly in Europe; it is the country of diverse cultures and beautiful landscapes. From the stunning Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona to the dazzling Alcazar Castel in Seville, Spain is the gorgeous European country to visit. It is the second most visited country in the world by tourists.  One can visit Spain by directly applying for the Spanish visa or by going for a Schengen visa when there are other Schengen countries to visit.



Applying for Schengen visa from Miami – Florida- United States

When you are visiting Spain for a greater period than other Schengen countries and you are a permanent resident of South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida, you can apply for Schengen visa at the Spanish Consulate Office in Miami located at below


Spanish Embassy

# 2655 Le Jeune Road,

Suite 203. Coral Gables.

Miami, FL 33134.

The holders of B1/B2 visas must only apply for this visa from their country of origin or where they are residing permanently. If you are a US Green cardholder and your country has not declared as the visa-free regime by the Schengen region then you also need to apply for the Schengen visa.



Schengen visa types issued at Spanish embassy:

At Spanish Consulate Office, the applicant can apply for more than one type of visa depending on the trip duration:

Short Stay Visa: Renowned as a Schengen visa, it allows the stay of up to 90 days. It is further divided into the following categories:

  • Tourism
  • Family or friend’s visiting
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Study
  • Cultural
  • Official visit
  • Transit
  • Medical cause

Long Stay Visa: Also known as a National visa; it permits the stay when the trip duration is more than 90 days. Additionally, it is classified as:

  • Residence visa excluding work visa
  • Employee residence
  • Self-employed residence
  • Research and studies
  • Temporary work visa with residence
  • Family reunion residence
  • Accreditation

Moreover, these visas can be:

  • Single entry – only one entry during the visa validity period
  • Double-entry – only two entries during the visa validity period
  • Multiple entries – unlimited entries during the visa validity period

Schengen visa fee:

The Schengen visa fee is the one-time fee that is fixed for all nationalities and needed to be paid at the time of submitting the application. Paying the fee does not mean that your application will get approved. Depending on your current status and documents, the consulate reserves the right to reject your application.


The Schengen visa fee would be as follow:

Visa TypeCost in Euros
Schengen Short-Stay Visa60
Children of ages 6 to 12 years35
Student Long Stay50
Long Stay Visa99

The children under six years of age are exempted to pay any visa fee. Only money orders are accepted at the Consulate General of Spain in Miami. No cash is accepted.

Get Your Travel Insurance For Visa Application.

Visa appointment time:

The Schengen Visa applications are only accepted in person from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. No appointment is needed prior to your arrival and no Schengen visa application would be accepted via mail. The consulate emphasizes on reaching the premises before time. Only apply for the visa within three months of your departure or at least 15 days before.

Documents required for Schengen visa application at Spanish consulate Miami:

When you visit the consulate, take original documents along with one copy of the following. The person who is applying must have the set of these thirteen documents

  • Visa Fee (non-refundable) should be paid via money order at the name of Consulate General of Spain
  • Two Schengen visa application form; completed, printed, and signed by the applicant; when applying in a group, every applicant must submit a separate application form
  • A travel document or passport valid even after three months of your return from the Schengen region; it should also have two empty pages
  • Two recent photographs are taken from the front having a white background
  • State ID or driving license having a correct permanent address
  • Flight itinerary: Just provide the flight reservation information – there’s no need to buy the full round trip ticket; get your flight itinerary within 6-hours
  • A residence card/ student/ work visa stamped on the passport as a permit to return to the home state
  • Medical travel insurance of up to US$50,000 coverage for the entire trip to the Schengen state for any medical emergency in the region
  • Accommodation proof with the confirmed hotel reservation or name, address and phone number of the Spanish national host issued by the Police Department in Spain
  • Financial proof of sufficiency to fund the whole trip to the Schengen state and back to your own country – documents required are at least last six-month bank statement, lines of credit, brokerage statement, etc.
  • Employment proof – a letter having the information about the salary, position, and the length of the employment along with the granted vacation time; last two pay slips and W2 are also needed
  • People who are self-employed must present the latest income tax returns, work license (where applicable), company’s bank statement, and certificate of incorporation
  • Retired individuals must provide the Social Security Administration letter verifying the monthly retirement income
  • Applicants traveling for business must present the US company letter having the information of the invitation letter from the Spanish entity along with the length and purpose of the stay

Schengen visa processing time at Spanish consulate Miami:

To process the requests, the officials take the maximum of 15 days’ time from the date when the application was submitted. However, due to various reasons, this time may exceed 30 days. Even further, some cases are highly exceptional where there is the need for additional documents which may lead the visa processing time to 60 days. So make sure you apply for the Schengen visa for Spain accordingly.

Where you can collect Spain Schengen visa?

If everything goes well, then your application will get approved. It is important to collect the issued visa in person from the Consular Office or corresponding Diplomatic Mission within the time of one month after you get notified about the visa.

What to do when the visa is denied?

You will get the notification via the standardized form with the reason why your application has been declined. In this scenario, a contentious-administrative appeal can be placed in the High Court of Justice of Madrid within the two months of the time when you have received the notification. Reversal appeal should be lodged at the Consular Office or Diplomatic Mission within one month of receiving the notification.

Spain Schengen visa interview process and other important information:

After you submit your documents personally and your application gets approved after verification, you will be called for the interview. The Spain Schengen visa interview mainly consists of the questions regarding your documents and your purpose of visit to Spain.

When applying for a Schengen visa, there are certain questions that applicants have in mind. Know every answer to the generally asked questions.

The flight information is needed before the visa approval, should i book the flight ticket?

It is even recommended by the Spain consulate that an applicant should not buy the full round trip ticket for Schengen visa. Only flight itinerary is required which could be generated by taking the help of the flight itinerary agent. It is way too cheaper than the original flight ticket and doesn’t cause a big loss to you if the Schengen visa application gets rejected.

Would the passport photocopy be accepted?

No, you need to present your original passport.

Do i need to reserve the hotel rooms before my arrival?

The cancellation of the hotel reservation costs a lot if, due to any reason, your Schengen visa application doesn’t approve. You can take the help of a traveling agent to get the hotel reservation in mere amount, and you can cancel that reservation without paying anything extra.

Can i apply for the Schengen visa via mail or post?

No, you need to visit the consulate personally.

How to fill the Schengen visa application?

Here is our schengen-visa-step-by-step guide to filling the Schengen visa application.