The Schengen Visa is the special visa that eradicates the need for separate visa while crossing the internal border of the Schengen states. There are 26 European states that have signed the Schengen agreement; now for the citizens and the Schengen visa holders, this region allows the free traveling between these countries.

Here is the step by step guide for the people who wish to visit the Schengen region:

#1: Visa Type:

There are different kinds of Schengen visa; the type mainly depends upon the motive behind visiting the Schengen area. Tourism visa and business visa are not similar; same as a sports official and a student couldn’t apply for the same visa type.

#2: Place to Apply:

Every country has different rules and regulations regarding Schengen visa issuance. Depending on your native country, you need to know where to initiate. The possible places from where you will get visa approval are:

  • Their Embassy
  • An Outsourced Visa Center
  • Their Consulate

Moreover, when you want to visit a single Schengen state, then filing the application at that country’s consulate or embassy would be helpful. But, if you plan to visit more than two, then you have two options:

Apply at the embassy:

  • Where you want to spend most of the time
  • Where you visit first when you are going to spend equal time



#3: The Most Appropriate Time:

It is highly recommended that you should apply for the Schengen visa at least three weeks before when you intend to visit a Schengen country.  All the Schengen embassies over the world require some time to process your application. So make sure you apply at the right time.

#4: A Necessary Appointment:

For further working on your visa, you will need to visit the embassy in person or book an appointment online. Depending on your destination country, this process might vary.

#5: The Visa Application Form:

One Schengen visa requirement is to fill the application form. You can download the latest /form online – it is the same for every Schengen country. There are following information that you need to fill honestly on the form:

  • Personal information including your background
  • Visiting purpose
  • Details about your trip

When filling the form, make sure you don’t leave any blank space. Have two copies of the form and sign both. Your information will be checked by the concerned authorities.

#6: Documents Required:

To gain the Schengen Visa, you need to fulfill the requirement of important documents. There are two document categories: Standard Documents and Visa Specific Documents.

For the completion of the former specification, you need:

  • Your passport
  • The visa application form
  • Two similar photos
  • Flight itinerary
  • Traveling insurance policy
  • Accommodation proof
  • Financial proof

Other than these, depending on your visiting purpose, you might need to show any of these documents:

  • Employment contract (for employees)
  • Business license copy (for self-employed)
  • Enrollment proof (for students)
  • Birth certificate of the minors (for parents)
  • Affidavit of Support (when visiting relatives or friends)
  • Letter of invitation (when visiting relatives or friends)
  • Bank statement (for tourist)
  • Travel itinerary (for tourist)
  • No objection letter from the concerned authority
  • And others

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 #7: The Visa Interview:

The visa interview is taken during your appointment at the embassy as a Schengen visa requirement. You will meet the visa consular official there. The consular will check your documents and ask few personal questions like what is the purpose of your visit, how will you pay for the visit, are you married, which hotel you are staying, etc. You need to answer them correctly. The interview might not take more than 15 minutes and your application approval will depend on it.

#8: The Visa Fee:

The administration visa fee is non-refundable and needs to be paid when you are applying for the visa. All the Schengen countries have decided one fee and it remains fixed until decided. The current Schengen visa fee for a person is €60. There are some special conditions in which either a person has to pay nothing or pay extra.

#9: The Reply:

The reply from your destination country should be expected within 15 days but depending on your condition, your Schengen visa approval might take up to 30 days.

#10: The Approval or Rejection:

Approval: If your application for the Schengen visa is approved, then see the visa sticker and understand them; also, you should know the time duration for which you have been allowed in the region.

Rejection: If your application is rejected, then carefully check why it has been denied and try not to repeat the same mistake when you apply again. If you think that you are rejected wrongly, then you can appeal for it always.


Schengen visa is for the people who want to sum up their journey to the Schengen countries for less than 90 days. For more than three months, apply for the National Visa at the embassy of your destination country directly. It allows you to stay in the country for around one year.