Schengen Visa or Any Country Visa Rejected- How to Appeal?

Schengen visa acceptance is hugely dependent upon the documents submitted, officers review at the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying to. There is always a chance that your Schengen visa application might get rejected. If this happens, worry not and you can always file an appeal against the denied visa.

There are many ways to write an appeal letter because the reason for visa rejection could vary. But the basic format of appeal letter will remain the same irrespective to the denial cause.

Things which are necessary to include in the appeal letter for Visa refusal:

There is some piece of information that is important to be added in the appeal letter. If any of this information is missing, there is again a chance that your application might get rejected.

1.Your personal details

Your letter must contain your full name, date of birth, passport number, and place of birth.

2.Your current address

It should be a complete address with house number, street name, town/city/village name, and postal code.

3. The date on which the application was denied

This piece of information is present in the rejection letter you got from the embassy.

4.Your contact information

It is not necessary but adding your contact details might help you to get your visa faster. Providing your phone number and email address is recommended. You might get your informed about your approved visa through email.

5.Signed by own hands

You should sign the appeal letter with your own hands. It is because an appeal can only be accepted by the third party when you give the sponsor a power of attorney.

6. Write why the visa should be approved?

It is the most crucial part of the letter and approval of your visa is totally depending on it. In this part, you need to tell why they are unfair in rejecting your visa. You need to be clear with the motives of your visiting the Schengen region.

Common Reasons for the visa disapproval:

There are some common reasons for the visa rejection; here is what you need to write when your visa is being rejected due to any of these reasons:

1.When your intention to return to your home country is not clear

In this case, you need to put emphasis on coming back to your country by providing an employment letter with an official leave of absence signed by your boss, if you are doing a job somewhere.

If you are business owners, then you need to present your business statements and other documents that show that you want to continue the business in your own country and don’t wish to stay in the selected destination.

You can also show your property information along with your travel history that shows that you don’t want to stay in the country you are going to visit.

2.When your purpose of the visit is not accepted by the officials

In this condition, your documents do not support your visiting purpose in the country. Now you need to present detailed information about your journeys like present detailed flight itinerary, all the hotel reservations, proof of travel insurance, and other supporting documents that show the complete plan of your trip.

Hotel bookings and flight tickets show that particularly when you want to enter or leave any particular region of the area.

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Things to keep in mind while writing an appeal letter:

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when you are writing your appeal letter for your Schengen visa rejection:

  • Be precise; don’t add unnecessary information because for a visa official there are hundreds of applications to go through daily
  • Write short but complete information
  • Attach all the supporting documents that give a strong ground to your claim
  • Every reason you are presenting in the letter should be back by a valid document
  • Read your letter again after writing it to eliminate any mistake
  • In the subject line of the email write the word URGENT with the date of your flight so that your appeal letter stands out from others

Sample Appeal Letter


Here is the sample standard format that you can use to write an appeal letter:


Consulate or Embassy address:


To whom it may concern,


Paragraph#1 must contain your personal information including your full name, address, passport number, and place of birth with your date of birth. State when you have applied for the Schengen visa and why it got rejected. You can also add here your visa application date plus your purpose of visit.

Paragraph#2 must be initiated with the rejection date and the basis on which this action is taken. In the second line, mention the reason (s) why you appeal that your visa application was rejected wrongly.

In Paragraph#3, argue on the reasons using a convincing tone. Give reference and use supporting documents wherever possible. Your application approval is depending on the way you convince.

End your letter by mentioning the date on which you want to visit the Schengen region to show that you need your visa on an urgent basis.


Your Signature

Your full name

Your email

Your phone number


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