Not every application that reaches the table of the Schengen visa providing officer gets approved. Many times, people have to face undesirable rejection. To get your application approved, prepare yourself beforehand. Be ahead of time and learn the most common mistakes people do that lead to the Schengen visa rejection – also learn how you can avoid them.

#1: Inadequate Explanation of the Traveling Purpose:

Why do you want to travel? It might be the first question after salutation at the visa interview. People who don’t use the correct words to explain their purpose of traveling might face rejection.


Answer the following questions on your own when you are applying for Schengen visa:

  • Why are you traveling to your destination country?
  • Whom you are traveling with?
  • When do you plan to travel?
  • What will you do there?
  • Where will you stay there?
  • How are you going to pay for the trip?

These questions might help you to design the proper traveling purpose. If you have a prior traveling experience to any other region of the world, adding that in your statement could also help.

#2: Wrong Financial Proof:

One reason for the Schengen visa rejection is that you are unable to provide correct financial proof. You need to have some finance backup when you travel in the region. When your employment qualification doesn’t match your financial situation, there’s an increased chance of rejection of your application.


You need to show the consulate that you have enough money in your account to finance your trip and your return home. To get your visa application accepted, you can present the following documents:

  • Recent financial statements
  • Traveler’s check having your name
  • Credit card information showing the enough available limit
  • Your salary slip or employment proof
  • Sponsorship documents (when someone else is sponsoring your trip)



#3: False Travel Itinerary:

At the consulate, they ask you to present the flight itinerary but many people misinterpret it with the original round trip ticket. As they don’t want to pay for the full ticket beforehand, they go for the fake flight ticket generator to get a fake airline ticket. As the embassy has the ways to check your travel itinerary, thus the visa gets rejected.

Furthermore, if you are planning to travel more than one Schengen country, you need to present the flight itinerary of the connecting flights as well.


Don’t use fake airplane tickets and use our service to get your flight itinerary to increase the chances of approval of your Schengen visa application. We provide a verifiable flight itinerary that you can check online on the airline website.

#4: Passport Troubles:

A damaged passport is unacceptable at the embassy or consulate issuing Schengen Visa. If the passport pages are losing and missing, then there’s an increased chance for your application rejection. Also, having a passport that has less than three months’ validity after your return might lead to refusal. Your passport must have two blank pages as well.


If your passport is not in the sound condition then apply for the passport renewing before applying for the visa at the embassy. Moreover, apply for a new passport also if it is expiring soon.

#5: Unacceptable Travel Insurance:

When applying for a Schengen visa, insurance is a very crucial requirement. Lacking an appropriate Schengen visa travel insurance will surely lead to the denial of the visa application. You need to get the insurance from the dedicated traveling company as your current health insurance might not cover your expenses in the Schengen region. The policy demands travel insurance that covers the anticipated amount, entire days of the trip, and all Schengen countries.


Read thoroughly your insurance policy before applying. Call their helpline to know whether you will be covered internationally or not. If you don’t get a positive response, feel free to contact our customer service agent today. We offer visa travel insurance for Schengen regions and other countries. Our clear policies will improve the chance of acceptance of your visa application.

#6: Invalid Proof of Accommodation:

Where will you stay during your stay? An embassy needs a clear answer. Failure to demonstrate the proper staying place in your destination country might lead to rejection of the application. Evidence of hotel confirmation or proof of sponsorship from a host is needed.


The pre-paid tour accommodation is needed for visa application requirement and again rejection is the trouble. You can take the evidence of a hotel reservation from us. We offer confirmed hotel accommodation for your visa approval.

Other General Reasons for Schengen Visa Rejection:

Following are the other general reasons for Schengen Visa rejection:

  • Incomplete visa application
  • Unreachable or wrong contact details
  • Name or spelling mismatch in the provided documents
  • Past or current criminal actions
  • Failing to provide the birth or marriage certificate officially endorsed by the authorities
  • Incapacity to show custody documents of a child
  • Previous history of overstaying in the Schengen area
  • Passport having an active Schengen visa already

Reasons for Schengen Visa Rejection

How to avoid them

  • Travel visit purpose not clear.
  • Insufficient  balance in your account stmt
  • Fake travel documents.
  • No travel insurance coverage.
  • Longer stay on visa than required  can be a signal of weaker ties to return home back.
  • Human error.
  • Explain travel purpose using cover letter.
  • Present recent financial statements with enough money to cover visit.
  •  Get confirmed travel Itinerary for visa.
  • Buy travel medical insurance to cover  whole trip
  • Provide documentation of strong ties to home country.
  • Follow instructions and appeal decisions.


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