There is an instantaneous peacefulness that washes over you when visiting Slovenia. The colorful, picturesque forests and charming little towns and villages are watched over by the majestic snow-covered mountains. Slovenia falls in Schengen area and is Europes hidden gem, and while it may not be on everyone’s radar, it certainly should be. Some nationalities may require a Slovenia visa to visit Slovenia, and so we have included some visa requirements down below. The rest of this post highlights the best things to see and do in Slovenia to give you a better idea of how stunning this country really is.

How To Apply For A Slovenian Visa:

Slovenia is a member of the European Union and a country of the Schengen agreement. This means that some nationalities will need to apply for a Schengen visa prior to entering the country. When applying for a Schengen visa several documentations, are required along with the passport size pics, visa application form. These include flight itineraries, hotel reservations, financial proof of sufficiency, travel insurance, and a no objection letter. A flight itinerary is often confused with a real flight ticket. Embassies advise not purchasing real flight tickets until after you have received Schengen visa approval and instead they recommend obtaining flight itineraries. The flight itineraries are a reserved flight ticket that is available from specialized visa documentation companies. Hotel reservations are required to ensure that accommodation is secured for the duration of the trip and travel insurance is needed to cover the traveler while abroad. A no objection letter is typically written by a teacher or an employer and should state that the traveler is financially stable due to employment/scholarship status. It should also note that the traveler is expected to return to their home country to resume employment/study commitments.
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Lake Bled:

About a thirty-minute drive from Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, lies the serene landscape of Lake Bled. The turquoise waters reflect the image of the church that sits on the small island in the center of the lake. Many bars, hotels, and restaurants in the area face the lake offering beautiful views every day of the year. During the day, there are several activities to participate in. There are a few spots around the lake where you can hire a canoe and paddle around the lake or visit the church on the island. If you don’t feel like doing the paddling yourself, you can always jump on the longboats and let the crew do the work for you. Bicycle hire is available in many locations around Lake Bled and cycling around the lake during the day enables you to explore the entirety of the lakes shore. Trekking through Lake Bled’s forest shows off the natural beauty of the surroundings, and if you walk long enough, you will stumble across the infamous Bled viewpoint. A slight climb up a small cliff in the forest gives you a panoramic view of the island in the middle of the lake, the pretty town below and the majestic Julian Alps in the distance. Lake Bled is known for its peaceful settings and has a range of spas in the area.




Slovenia’s Underground World

As well as all the beauty Slovenia has to offer on its surface there’s actually a whole world to be discovered underground. Slovenia is a Karstic land, and every year more caves are discovered. The total number of caves in the country has reached well over 8,000 with 20 of them being show caves. Postojna Caves is the largest cave in the country and is not only the most visited cave in Slovenia but is also the most visited cave in Europe. Predjama Castle is situated right next to Postojna Caves and is the largest cave castle in the world. The caves are so large that a cave railway has been built to better help people in exploring the caves and tours for around an hour and a half. Cave formations that started with tiny droplets millions of years ago are scattered around the caves and have, over time, shaped fascinating sculptures and iconic views. Mountains, rivers, bridges, and halls are all found in this underground world along with the mysterious cave-dwelling animal known as an Olms. Another cave that is located nearby is that of Skocjan Caves which is a UNESCO-listed natural wonder.

Activities In Slovenia:

There are plenty of cities and towns to be explored in Slovenia all possessing individual characteristics. The town of Piran is located on the coastline of the Adriatic and features the open-air Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa which offers healing saltwater treatments for a pure relaxation session. In the west of Slovenia is the Soca River, sought out by adventurists around the world for its intense watersports activities. Here you can enjoy kayaking, riverboarding, whitewater rafting, and canyoning in the Soca valley amongst the forests. The sights in this area are, like most places in Slovenia, simply stunning. The pure waters crash over rocks into the snaking river below and the rapids ensure a thrilling rafting experience. During wintertime, the Julian Alps come alive with skiers and snowboarders plowing through the snowmaking the most of the fresh alpine air.

From walking trails and mountain hiking to watersports and spa treatments Slovenia definitely has a lot to be desired. The calm atmosphere echo’s around the country and brings tourists and locals a true sense of tranquillity. Slovenia is often missed from peoples travel plans but upon visiting it will quickly become one of your favorite places in the world.