What is a Germany Schengen Visa?


A Germany Schengen visa is a visa that allows the visa holder to stay in Germany and the other Schengen states for the period of 90 days within the given six months period.  Different Schengen visa type are available and travelers can apply.

A Schengen visa is valid over the Schengen region and makes it a border-free area for the visa holder. When it is provided by the German consulate or embassy, it is known as the Germany Schengen visa.

For How Many Days A German Schengen Visa Is Valid?

Usually, in the given 180-day period, you will be allowed to stay in Germany for 90-days. But it is the maximum time provided to anyone. Depending on the visa issuing officer, you could be granted a Germany Schengen visa even for a shorter period that is for 15 days.

What are the Requirements of Germany Schengen Visa?

For the Germany Schengen visa, you will need the following documents:

How Long Does It Take For the Schengen visa to Get Approved?

The Schengen visa application gets approved within two or three weeks after you apply for the German Schengen visa. In some specific cases, this period might get extended to 60 days. Any individual can apply for the Schengen visa before three months prior to their visit or at least 15 days before.

Detailed stats on how many Schengen visa approved can be found in schengen visa approval stats doc

Is It Possible to Extend The German Schengen Visa?

German Schengen Visa can’t be extended. It is only allowed when the condition in the countries are that serious that one couldn’t leave the country. These conditions could be:

  • Serious Personal Problems: Any important business or event that needs the person to stay necessarily within the region
  • Force Majeure: Any adverse strong condition that makes it hard for the person to return to the homeland, for instance, there’s no air traffic, or bad weather, or any natural extremity.
  • Humanitarian Reasons: Any disastrous event that restricts the traveling due to the family members getting affected.
  • Late Entry in the Schengen State: When you enter the state late and the visa time period is not fully utilized.

To get the German visa extended under these circumstances is also very rare but you need to apply for the extension within 90 days of your visit.

Is it Allowed to Work in Germany having a Schengen Visa?

The Germany Schengen visa is not a work permit. It doesn’t give the rights to the holder to work in any of the Schengen regions. To work in Germany, you need to apply for the Germany Employment or job seeker visa.

To get more details about the Germany Schengen visa requirements, click here.


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