What Is A No Objection Letter For A Schengen Visa?

When your travel plans require you to obtain a Schengen visa it can quickly become a rather complicated process. There are many things you need to think about when arranging a visa and there are several documents you need to produce with your visa application. Providing as much information about your travel plans as possible increases your chances of visa approval. A no objection letter, also known as NOC, is a very valuable document to include with your visa application and this post will explain everything about no objection letter which you need to know before submitting visa application to Embassy.

A no objection letter is a formal document which states that you have commitments in your home country. The letter is usually written by your employer or by your school or university. In some cases, a no objection letter is not mandatory for a Schengen visa application, however, providing one will only increase your chances of approval.

Why Should You Provide A No Objection Letter?

Along with providing a hotel reservation and a flight reservation returning from the visiting country, a no objection letter will further prove that you have no intention of staying in the country illegally. The authorities will see that you have commitments in your home country and are seeking a Schengen visa purely for visitation reasons only. It not only increases your chances of getting visa approval, but it can also speed up the application process.




How To Get A No Objection Letter?

In most cases obtaining a, no objection letter is as simple as asking your employer or teacher to write you one. However, you should first request the time off so that the person you wish to write the letter is already aware that you have travel plans. In the letter, your employer or teacher will need to explain that you will be returning to your home country as you have obligations to work or study. Also included in the letter is a statement that the person applying for the Schengen visa is financially stable due to their employment or scholarship status.

What To Include In A No Objection Letter For Schengen Visa Application?

A no objection letter needs to be formal as it is addressing the embassy directly however it doesn’t need to belong or complex. It merely needs to state that the company/school has no objections to the person in question traveling and that the student/employee will be returning to their home country to continue with their employment or studies. Here are some primary things that should be included in your no objection letter.

  • The date in which the letter was written
  • The company/school name and address
  • Address of the visa application organization
  • The name of the person applying for the Schengen visa
  • The name and position held by the person writing the no objection letter
  • The personal contact details of the person writing the no objection letter
  • A paragraph explaining the company/school has no objections and that the person traveling will return to resume employment/studies

Here is an example of a no objection letter.


(date of letter)

(address for visa application headquarters)

No objection letter

Dear sir/madam

I am writing this letter in regards to (person applying for the visa) who has been working/studying at (name of company/school) since (date started studying/working) This letter is to formally confirm that (name of company/school) has no objections to the travel of (student/employee name) (name of company/school) have acknowledged the time in which (student/employee name) wishes to travel and will be expecting (student/employee name) to return to his/her studying/work commitments in due course.

(name of company/school) can confirm that (student/employee) is financially stable and is, therefore, able to support her/himself. Attached is proof of earnings/scholarship funding for (student/employee name)

If you have any questions regarding the Schengen visa application of (student/employee name) feel free to contact me via email or telephone.


(signature of the person writing the letter)

(printed name of the person writing the letter)

(the position held within the company/school)

(phone number of the person writing the letter)

(email address of the person writing the letter)


This is an example of the type of information that is required in a no objection letter. As you can see it is basic yet formal and explains that the person seeking the Schengen visa is planning on returning and is financially stable.

When applying for a Schengen visa it is advised to submit a no objection letter with your application to further increase your chances of approval. Along with your flight reservation and hotel reservation, your application stands a very high chance of being accepted. You can find more information on Schengen visa applications on our website VisaBookings