3 Easy steps to get your flight itinerary for visa

Presenting a flight itinerary for visa  or flight reservation for visa information is an important aspect of the schengen visa application. The fate of the visa application is not known by the candidate who is applying. Buying the full ticket means making an expensive mistake because your application might get rejected. To save your money from buying the full air ticket, it is suggested to go for the easily available flight itinerary for visa which will provide all the information necessary for the visa application approval. No matter whether you are applying for the Schengen visa or visa of any other region, the flight itinerary fulfills the demand of every visa application. In this article we describe how to get flight itinerary for visa in 3 easy steps.

Flight reservation for visa without making payment

For the visa application, round trip tickets are needed which are expensive when paid fully. Many airlines don’t even refund the money if you don’t cancel the flight in their prescribed time. Instead of buying the ticket, embassies ask for the flight itineraries because your visa application might get rejected. There’s also a chance that your visa gets delayed and doesn’t match the dates of your tickets. On the other hand, there could be a change of plan at your end as well.

Getting the flight itinerary or flight reservation, instead of buying the flight ticket, has many benefits:

• Save time as it can be generated easily online by the special travel agents
• Available within a few hours
• Present at the very low rates as compared to the original ticket; so in case of rejection, the visa applicant doesn’t face a huge loss.

Embassy or consulate requires you to reserve flight beforehand to reassure your traveling plan. It tells the date on which you want to travel and also the destinations. Embassies just don’t want the visa holder to overstay in the region when the visa expires.

At Visa Bookings, the flight reservation for visa could be received hassle-free without buying the round trip ticket for the flight. Here is our 3 easy step guide to get your flight itinerary within the shortest time depending on packages.

Three easy steps to receive your flight reservation for the visa application

In three simple steps, VisaBookings.com is offering verifiable and acceptable flight itinerary for visa application which can easily be checked online.

Step#1: Order now by selecting from packages available

Open your browser and go to visabookings.com. From the homepage or the services option on the menu bar, select flight itinerary or flight reservation respectively.




Step#2: Trip Info & Payment

On the next page, fill the flight reservation order form. 
You need to provide the answers to the following questions

How many tourists?

Enter the total number of tourists here. For Group travelers discounts are available

Email address

Only provide the email address on which you want the itinerary to be delivered

Phone number

Write the phone number of the person who is applying for the flight itinerary.

Tourist’s first and last name

Enter the first and last name of every tourist. The consulate or Embassy demands a separate flight itinerary for all. It is also highly important that the provided name matches the name on the passport.

Enter tourist’s flight details

In this space, enter the name of the departing city/ airport and the arrival city/ airport with the expected date of your traveling days

Visa interview date (optional)

Enter the date on which you are called for an interview.

Applying at which Embassy (optional)

In this box, write the name of the embassy that you are applying to.

How did you hear about us?

We would love to know what drives you towards us. Select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

Select yes or no for the following four questions at the end of the page. You will get hotel booking and travel medical insurance with the flight itinerary at the very nominal rates.

Enter the billing information on the next page and place your order. You can pay by using your PayPal account or credit or debit card.

Step#3: Get Itinerary via Email

Receive your flight itinerary in the PDF form on your provided email address within the time frame depending upon your package selection. You can print the emailed flight itinerary and take it to the embassy.

Final Verdict:

Gaining a flight itinerary for the Schengen visa and other countries of the world is that easy. Follow our guide and let us generate your travel itinerary in no time. Along with providing you with the verifiable itinerary at the embassy, we also offer travel insurance and hotel reservation at the very best rates in the market. No matter where you want to go worldwide, we offer our services to everyone with the best customer support.