Flight reservation for visa validity – How to confirm ?

Flight reservation for visa validity or flight itinerary for visa validity is  important step but a bit confusing aspect for the people who are applying for the visa for the first time. Embassies all around the world now require you to show the flight reservation for visa validity which is verifiable along with other crucial documents.

It is highly undesirable for the people to pay for the actual flight ticket when they are uncertain about the status of their visa application. Nobody knows whether their visa application gets approved or not.

What is flight itinerary for visa validity?

A flight itinerary is in actual a document that tells about your travel plan. It has information about the flight, its schedule, and your personal details. flight itinerary for visa should be valid when verified by consulate to process visa.

The embassies around the world, especially the ones providing the Schengen visa make it compulsory for the individuals to have an airline itinerary. Not every embassy has the same name for this requirement; other names that refer to flight itinerary are:

  • Travel Itinerary
  • Round Trip Ticket
  • Flight Confirmation
  • Open Tickets Flight
  • Fake Flight Itinerary
  • Airline Itinerary
  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Dummy Flight Ticket



How To Confirm Your Flight Itinerary?

Many traveling agents provide you with the PNR code that could be used to see your flight itinerary online. Here’s an example of a flight itinerary of the Airfrance USA.

Here is our step-by-step guide to check your flight itinerary online:


At Airfrance USA website, the flight itinerary could be generated using the “Your Reservation” tab. In other airline websites, the same option might have a different name like “Reservation”, “Check your Booking Status”, “Booking”, etc.


In the “Reservation reference or ticket number” box add the provided PNR code along with your last name in the “Last name” box. After that, click on the “Search” button. Depending on the website you are visiting, that option might vary but the reservation could be checked across any airline website using the respective PNR code.


On the next page usually on the most airline website, you will get your flight itinerary like this one with all the necessary details required by the visa office.



Getting the flight itinerary is that easy with us!

The Necessary Components of the Flight Itinerary:

An itinerary, no matter what its referred name is, must contain the schedule of your flight. It is also equally important that one could confirm your details online. The necessary components of the itinerary are and our flight itinerary has it all:

  • Name of the flight
  • Name of the person who has the reservation along with the surname
  • A valid booking ID / a confirmed flight reservation number
  • Flight departure timings
  • Flight duration
  • Arrival and departure dates as the round trip tickets are required
  • The airport IATA codes
  • Names of the arrival and departure terminals
  • Connecting flights information for more than one destination (like in Schengen visa flight reservation, as an individual is visiting more than one country while using a single visa)


Why Do Embassies Want A Flight Itinerary?

An embassy or consulate would surely ask the proof of flight reservation, but why when they also know that they don’t approve every application they get! They are aware that an individual might have to face a lot of trouble if the flight money is paid in full and visa gets rejected. In the required document section of many embassies, it is clearly mentioned that they want the applicant to reserve the flight only.

Embassies want your travel itinerary as proof that you won’t overstay in the region and leave before your visa expires. That’s why a round trip ticket is required to confirm your arrival and departure time in the destination country.

An airline itinerary is also needed by the embassies to decide the length of your visa. It gives them a rough idea about how long you want to extend your stay in your selected region.

How about using a fake airline ticket generator?

Fake plane ticket generator for creating a fake itinerary is not a good idea when you really want to get your visa application approved by the embassy. Fake airplane tickets might lead to the rejection of your visa application. It is better to take the help of an authentic travel agent like us for the flight itinerary as you are not going to lose much even when your visa application has not been approved.

Three Ways to Get a Flight Itinerary for your Visa

There are various ways by which you can gain a flight itinerary and present it at the embassy for the approval of your visa application:

#1: Going for a Refundable Air Ticket:

You can actually buy the refundable round trip ticket directly from the airline that you are planning to choose once your visa is confirmed. However, the problem with these tickets is that they are a bit pricier than the normal tickets. Even buying a full ticket doesn’t assure that your application will get approved and the refunding of money might take a week or more.

#2: Reserving a Ticket

The flight reservation for a visa could easily be done online and couldn’t cost you anything until you confirm your booking. But, the problem with it is that you need to pay for the ticket in less than 72 hours. Moreover, your visa application might require up to 15 days for approval.

#3: Taking the Help of the specialized Visa services Agent like VisaBookings

This is the far most the best and the simplest method to do.

All you need to do is:

  • Select the right traveling agent
  • Choose the correct traveling package
  • Enter the information regarding your travel plan
  • Pay their fee
  • Get the email having your desired flight itinerary

The Benefits:

  • A very little fee as compared with the actual fee of the flight
  • Hassle-free processing
  • Verifiable online by the consulate

For flight itinerary and other needed documents including hotel confirmation and travel medical insurance, you can take our services at the best rates.

VisaBookings Offer Verifiable Flight Itinerary:

We offer verifiable flight itinerary that can be checked on the website of an airline directly. When a client comes to us for generating a flight itinerary for a visa, we provide it in no time. We offer a six character PNR code along with the airline name that could be checked online.