Travel medical insurance for visa application

Although many people don’t initially think of getting visitors insurance when going on a trip, it is extremely worthwhile in the long run. It’s easy to think “why should I get travel medical insurance for visa, what could possibly go wrong” until something does go wrong, and you find yourself with a hefty bill in case travel medical insurance was not purchased. If you need a visa for your trip you may find that you have to get visa travel insurance in order for your application to be accepted. But, what if you purchase insurance and your visa application gets rejected, what happens then? Throughout this post, we will explain exactly what you need to get, how to purchase travel medical insurance for visa application and how it works.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance or travel medical insurance is a policy that you purchase prior to traveling that, in the unlikely event of you landing in the hospital or at the doctors, your fees will be covered by your travel insurance policy or travel medical insurance. Rather than you having to pay the bill, the company in which you bought your policy through, pays it. Depending on the type of policy you purchase you could be covered for more than just medical fees. Most travel medical insurance policies also cover a selection of travel disruptions as well as medical needs, the following are the likely areas that a visitors insurance policy would cover you for


  • Airline cancellation
  • Lost baggage
  • Flight cancellation due to weather
  • Accidental death/injury
  • Stolen travel documents
  • Hospital fees
  • Medicine costs
  • Emergency Evacuation

Why do you need travel insurance for visa application?

There are many documents that are needed for a visa application, in most cases travel medical insurance is one of them. The embassies need to see proof that you will be covered whilst you are away as fees and medical bills can easily run into the thousands and tens of thousands of pounds very easily. If you are not covered and do not pay your outstanding medical fees then the authorities will have to spend a lot of time, money and resources to track you down as well as the hospital being at a loss.

Things you should know about visitors insurance for visa

When applying for travel insurance for visa you will need to disclose any health conditions e.g. cancer, diabetes, asthma, etc this will then ensure you receive the correct insurance policy that will fully cover you. You may find that, if you do have a health condition, your insurance cover will be more expensive. This is because you have a higher chance of needing medical assistance during your trip. If you purchase travel medical insurance and do not disclose any medical conditions that you are aware of, your insurance will become invalid if you result in needing medical treatment. You will end up having to pay the bill and you will not be covered by your travel  insurance. Most policies will cover pregnancy in the first trimester as long as your doctor has deemed you safe for flying.

Schengen insurance for Schengen visa application

A Schengen visa is the most sought-after visa and is one of the applications that will not be accepted without proof of travel medical insurance for the Schengen area. There are several other documents that you will need to provide for your Schengen visa application including flight reservation for visa and hotel reservation.

What travel Insurance you need for visa application?

When purchasing Schengen visa insurance you must make sure that the policy meets the visa requirements. Usually, it needs to include the following:

  • The travel insurance must cover you for the entire length of stay
  • It must cover you in every country you plan on visiting
  • The minimum cover should usually be €30,000
  • It should cover repatriation expenses
  • Have a €0 or very low excess

These factors will depend on the visa that you are applying for, but this is usually the standard requirements for a Schengen visa application.

What if my visa application is rejected?

If you have purchased the correct travel insurance for the visa application, you will not need to pay the remaining balance as your trip is no longer happening at that time. If you receive your visa but your trip dates have changed, the insurance policy should be able to be changed for your new dates at no additional cost.

Purchasing travel medical insurance for visa application

You can purchase Schengen visa insurance in several ways, the most common way being online, but you need to ensure that you are getting the correct cover and that you are purchasing it through a reputable agent. Many companies will disregard the fact that you need visitors insurance for a visa application and will instead provide you with a standard trip travel insurance policy which wouldn’t give you any lee-way into altering dates. You will then need to examine the policy and the fine print to determine the exact coverage you will receive so that you can be sure it meets the visa application requirements.

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