During recent years tourism in Germany has soared yet it always seems to be the less talked about European vacation destination. But is it really a country worth visiting? In all honesty, yes! By seeing Germany in all its glory, you can witness the local traditions, spend time exploring the distinctive cities, or head out to the vast countryside. For certain nationalities, a Germany visa may be required in order to visit this impressive country. If that’s the case then keep reading to find out what’s needed for a German visa application, and exactly why Germany should hold a firm spot on your travel plans.

Germany Visa Requirement Details:

Germany, along with many other European countries is part of the Schengen agreement. This means that for certain nationalities a Schengen visa is required in order to visit. Schengen visas can usually be obtained fairly quickly as long as the additional documentation is presented with the visa application form. One of the required documents is a flight itinerary also known as a dummy ticket. A flight itinerary or dummy ticket is a reserved flight ticket to and from the destination. Other documentation needed for a Schengen visa application are hotel reservations, means of subsistence, and travel insurance. Hotel reservations assure the authorities that you have secured accommodation whilst travel insurance covers you medically when abroad. Obtaining a no objection letter will further increase the chances of visa approval. A no objection letter should be written by an employer or teacher and should state that you are financially stable due to your employment/scholarship status and that you will be returning to your home country to resume employment/study commitments. For more information about Schengen visa requirements, flight itineraries, hotel reservations, travel insurance, no objection letters, or if you have any queries about your visa application, head to VisaBookings.


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German Cities:

Germany has many must-see cities that all have something different to offer. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Nuremberg are just some of the popular German cities. A visit to the country’s capital, Berlin, exposes a contemporary art scene alongside a vibrant nightlife. Here you are never stuck for things to do. Munich has a reputation for being business-centered but upon visiting it is soon discovered that there’s a lot more to Munich than meets the eye. Munich offers a range of preserved castles, intriguing museums and a friendly atmosphere all on the driveway of the Alps. Hamburg is a city dressed in culture. It’s the second-largest city in Germany and one that edges the river Elbe. This has led Hamburg to have a powerful trading and tourism relationship due to its port and harbor. Throughout the whole of Germany, there is an extensive selection of activities, landmarks, and historical sites. Each city is passionate about its traditions but all have an individual trait to offer.

Traditions And Events:

If there’s one the thing the Germans know how to do well, it’s throwing unforgettable parties. Any cause for celebration in Germany quickly turns into a national tradition. The infamous Oktoberfest held in Munich is an event that everyone should witness at some point in their life. Chugging umpteen steins of pure German beer whilst munching on bratwurst and jigging to the sounds of the German horn surrounded by merry locals dressed in lederhosen and dirndls, makes Oktoberfest a weekend that is never forgotten. During the winter months, all major German cities spring to life decorating their streets with fairy lights and garlands and brewing gallons of gluhwein in preparation for the Christmas period. Tourists from all over the world flock to Germany for a true Christmas market experience. Buying handmade unique gifts and eating traditional German sausage complete with sauerkraut and mustard. Berlin and Hamburg see their fair share of events with major film festivals and music festivals taking place throughout the year.

The German Countryside:

Outside of the event-filled cities lies the extensive German countryside. The selection of lakes and mountains offer a much different experience but with just as much fun and adventure. Lake Constance, Lake Eibsee, Lake Chiemsee, and Lake Starnberg are some of the most visited lakes in Germany. Here, you can enjoy many water sports activities including kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, and much more. There are many accommodation options surrounding the lakes such as cozy lodges, family-friendly campsites, and luxurious spas. The highest mountains in Germany sits in the state of Bavaria and are part of the eastern Alps. During the winter months, these mountains become lively ski resorts suitable for all skill levels. The German mountains are much quieter throughout the summer, however, there is still a level of tourism present. Mountain bikers and hill walkers often head to the mountains during the summer along with mountain climbers and campers.

Traveling To And From Germany:

Germany has a fantastic public transport system with train stations in every city and a majority of the towns. Traveling around the country is very simple. There are regular timetables and ticket offers for specific routes. Germany borders 9 other countries making it a primary stop for those who hold interrailing tickets. In the north of Germany lies the border to Denmark with the Czech Republic and Poland to the east. South of Germany is the Austrian and Switzerland borders and France sits in the southwest. Towards the west of Germany are Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Traveling around Germany is both educational and fun. There are plenty of wartime museums, mountaintop castles, and inspiring galleries to visit. Being on the doorstep of nine other countries means you can really get the most out of your vacation. The vast mountain range, stunning lakes, and wide valleys of Germany provide breath-taking views and a large variety of activities. This country is definitely worth seeing.

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