How To Apply For A Germany Visa:

Germany Schengen visa allows the visa holder to stay in Germany for 90-day within a period of six months. The Schengen visa makes the whole Schengen region a visa-free zone

Schengen Visa Requirements To Apply For Germany Visa:

To get your Germany visa, you need to follow this procedure:

  • Fill the Germany Schengen Visa form
  • Take the appointment at the German embassy in your country
  • Gather all the required documents
  • Attend the visa interview and pay the visa fee
  • Wait for the application to get approved

1) Where to Apply for the Schengen Visa for Germany?

The individuals who are not exempted from obtaining a German visa must apply for it in their own country at the following places:

  • The German Consulate
  • The German Embassy
  • A visa center (that sees the visa business outsourced by German embassy)

However, you need to be sure that Germany is your major visiting destination when you are also visiting other Schengen regions. Go for the German authorities only when:

  • You are visiting Germany first when spending equal time in different states or
  • You are going to spend more time in Germany than other Schengen states


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2) Documents required for the German Schengen visa:

For the short stay German Schengen visa, you need to get the following documents and submit them. Depending on the visa interview and the submitted documents, the German official will decide whether to give you the visa or not. The documents you may need are:

  • Germany Schengen visa form completed and signed
  • A valid passport not older than 10 years and that remain valid for three months after you return to your homeland; it should also have two blank pages
  • Copies of a passport: make the copy of` the data page along with the pages having stamps and stickers
  • ‘Provision of true data’ declaration form completed in German or English and signed
  • Passport size two photographs
  • Flight itinerary which is a round trip ticket showing the information of the flight date and name
  • Accommodation proof in the form of hotel booking, rental agreement, or invitation letter to stay at the residence of a host
  • German Schengen visa insurance which is €30,000 and valid for your entire trip to the Schengen states
  • Proof of means of subsistence

These are the general documents required for more information click here to check if you need any other document depending on your purpose of travel.



3) German Schengen visa interview:

All the applicants who can apply for the German Schengen visa and of 12 years of age must attend the visa interview at the German consulate or the designated Visacenter.

You need to make the appointment before you reach for the interview. When you go for the interview take all the documents mentioned above along with the Schengen visa fee for Germany which is your €60. See the top Schengen visa interview questions here.

Most interviews don’t last more than 10 minutes. You will be asked general questions about your trip and the information you provided on the Schengen visa form. On the very day, you also need to give your biometric data if you haven’t traveled to the Schengen region before.