How to Apply for Turkey Visa Hassle-Free

Turkey is known for its Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea coasts and also the rich culture and spas. In the year 2018, around 40 million people have visited Turkey to enjoy the beauty of this majestic land. Istanbul is one of the world’s famous tourist spots.  Getting a Turkey visa is a hassle-free process. When you apply for  Visa, you will be getting it using two ways:

By applying to Turkey e-visa online

  • By submitting the Turkey visa application at the Turkish embassy
  • Using both methods, getting a visa is a simple and easy process.



Turkey e-visa Application System:

Turkey introduced the e-Visa application system in 2013 and it has been working since then successfully. It is easy to get Turkey’s e-visa online within three minutes only by submitting the right documents. Many first countries are exempted from the visa. The third world countries need to present the following documents to be eligible to apply for Turkey e-visa:

  • Passport valid for the entire duration during the stay in the country
  • A return ticket or flight itinerary showing a round trip to and fro the country
  • Financial proof showing at least $50 for per day stay in the region
  • Hotel reservations for the entire stay in the region
  • The traveling purpose must be tourism or business
  • A valid visa or valid resident permit from the USA, UK, Ireland, or Schengen countries as a supporting document

If any of these things is missing, one cannot apply to the Turkey e-visa and must visit the Turkish embassy to get your visa.

The turkey e-visa allows the stay in the region for up to 90 days in the given 180-day period. The e-visa doesn’t allow the holder to work or study in the region.



Getting Turkey E-Visa from the Turkish Embassy:

When you are not eligible to apply for Turkey e-visa, you can apply at the embassy.

Documents Needed for Turkey Visa

You need the hard copies of all these documents to submit at the Turkish embassy:

  • Completed and signed Turkish visa application form
  • Two photographs of 2.5×2.5 inches having a white background
  • Passport with two blank pages and having more than 6 months of expiry after your arrival in Turkey
  • Two scanned copies of the passport’s initial and final pages
  • Proof of salary or business in your region
  • Bank statement of the past three months having a bank stamp with minimum funds showing at least $50 per day for the stay in the region
  • Travel insurance to cover the medical and repatriation needs in the region – it should be around 30,000 Euros
  • Confirmed two-way air ticket: you don’t have to pay for the ticket in full, you can just buy flight itinerary so if your visa application gets rejected, you don’t have to be worried about the ticket fees
  • Confirmed hotel reservation: Take our services to get the hotel reservations so you don’t have to bear a big loss in the case of visa rejection
  • A consent form for minor who us traveling to the region

You need to submit all the mentioned documents in person to the Turkish embassy. You can also take the help of a travel agent but then an authorization letter that gives the matter handling authority to the agent must also be submitted with all these documents.

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