How to travel in city by dropping off your luggage at the nearest luggage locker

Traveling to Europe with a Schengen Visa definitely means seeing so many beautiful places and traveling between big cities to get the most out of your European trip. But with so many people using short-term rentals nowadays the luggage issue is not one that can be ignored, at least if you really want to enjoy the whole free time you have in a destination. Moving through the city carrying your luggage is not that fun as your trip was, but a cross service developed a lot during the recent years: luggage storage. This is allowing you to discover the city worry free and maximize sightseeing time, without the pain of carrying luggage after you. Recommended for: long layovers, late check-in times or hours left between your check-out and your flight.

What are the options?

  1. A luggage storage network
  2. Train station lockers or left luggage in airports.

How does it work?

In regards to train station facilities, the process is pretty straight forward: You have to go there, pay for the storage box depending on its size and the time windows (or even a full day, sometimes) you need, then go back to the city center and explore it. When the time is right, you have to go back to pick your luggage up and move on to the airport (or wherever you need to go).

 When it comes to luggage storage networks, the process is more user friendly, since they have many locations around the city, and you can choose the one that is closer to you, so you can really enjoy those hours before the flight. Another great thing is that usually the size doesn’t matter: you can store your piece of luggage without having to pay for a bigger box just because a few inches of your backpack blocked the locker door to close. Plus, they normally use local businesses, so you might discover just a perfect coffee when dropping your luggage there!



How does it really work?

  1. Choose a provider.
  2. Use the map or browse the list of shops and book the one you like.
  3. Directions will be sent to you by email and SMS (if chosen). The directions are also available on your booking page.
  4. Start the storage timer once you arrive in the shop for insurance.
  5. Attach security seal, found in the shop, through the zippers of your bag. This will ensure your bags up to $3,000/€2.500/£2.200. Take a picture of the seal attached to your bag as a receipt for delivered luggage.
  6. Stop the Storage Timer when you pick up your bags. This will process payment.                         Everything is paid online for your safety and convenience.

Note: The hourly payment is available only for the provider we are presenting (LuggageHero). Other companies might charge you for a full day and might have smaller coverage insurance or no insurance at all.

But how safe is it?

Actually there is not much to worry about. Each location goes through a manual certification process. Moreover, bags are sealed and insurance is covering pretty much everything you need. Of course, if you feel like there is any doubt you can always choose to cancel the reservation (no cancellation fee when booking with LuggageHero) and find another place nearby.