Step by step guide on Japan visa requirements

For the last 1400 years, Japan is known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Many travelers across the globe apply for japan visa by following all japan visa requirements. This country has never stopped astonishing the world with its unique culture, tasty food, and beautiful lifestyle. There could be many reasons for you to visit Japan. Lets check the Japan visa requirements step by step.



How do I apply for a Japanese visa?

First thing first – to apply for Japan visa you need to know which Japan visa to apply for at the initial step. Japan offers different types of visas:

  • Temporary Visitor’s Visa: It is for the people who reside in the countries which don’t come under the visa exempted category for Japan; it is the easiest visa to apply for and available for tourists, conference attendees, etc. Japan’s visit visa allows the visa holder to stay in the region for up to 90 days.
  • Work Visa: The working visa in Japan is field-specific and granted according to the work type. To apply for a Japan work visa, you need a Certificate of Eligibility. It allows the applicant to stay in the region for over 90 days.
  • Working Holiday Visa: This visa allows the cultural exchange between certain countries; people between the ages of 18 and 30 are allowed to visit the country and spend a year with a part-time work permit.
  • Student Visa: It is for the students who want to study in Japan for more than 90 days in any Japanese university or institute
  • Cultural Activities Visa: This visa allows the stay in the region for up to a year for the activities that are not covered under student visa like it is for those who want to attend martial arts classes
  • Volunteer Visa: It is for the British citizens only who want to visit Japan for the volunteering work
  • Family Visa: As the name indicates, this visa allows the individual to call the family to the region



Where to apply for Japan visa?

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for the Japan visa online.  The country is introducing eVisa in April 2020. If you intend to visit the region before that, you need to physically reach the Consulate General office or Japan Embassy to file your visa application after meeting all japn visa requirements. If you are unable to personally visit these offices, you can write the Letter of Proxy and get it to send to the Consulate General office or Japan Embassy. Also, you can hire an accredited travel agent that is approved by the Consulate General office or Japan Embassy.

How long it takes to process Japan Visa?

The visa-issuance can take up to 5 working days when every Japan visa requirement is met. But, in some cases, the referral to the government office in Japan is needed. This reference may require two months to process. So, to avoid any inconvenience, it is suggested to file your application earlier. Japan embassy or consulate doesn’t entertain express visa or urgent visa.

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Japan visa requirements checklist:

Requirements for applying visa to Japan, you must provide the set of documents that are needed for your specific type of visa. The general visa requirements for Japan are as follow:

Visa Application Form: You need to fill in and print the japan visa application form to submit at the embassy.  Fill it with the correct and up to date information.

Photo: Paste the photograph on the application form that should be front-facing having a white background

Passport: The passport should be valid and not expired at the time of application.

National Identity Card: Any identity card issued by the government should be present along with the photocopy.

Bank Statement: The last six months of the bank statement attested by the bank manager as proof that you have enough funds to travel.

Proof of Work: Whether you are a businessman or an employee, you need to give evidence of your work.

Tax Information:   Submit the tax return with the application.

Family Registration: When traveling with the family or to the family, you need to show some connection present by the government like marriage certificate when traveling with the spouse.

Airline Booking: You need to present both sides of airline tickets; the Japanese embassy highly emphasizes on not buying the ticket and going for the agent to book your ticket. We can help you in getting the flight itinerary for visa

Accommodation: Present the complete booking details reserved in the hotels of Japan. You need to give the complete address as well. For hotel reservations, you need to work with online visa consultants like Visabookings.

Complete Travel Plan: From hotels reservation to your tickets, you need to present your complete plan where you will be staying and when you will be staying where. You even need to provide the activity plan with the contact number with the date and accommodation.

Japan visa fee:


For the issuance of the visa, it is important to pay the fees. The fee should be paid in the currency where the embassy/ consulate is located using the following table:

Visa Type:Visa Fees
Single-Entry Visa3,000 Yen
Double-Entry Visa/ Multiple-Entry Visa6,000 Yen
Transit Visa700 Yen


It is the general fee structure; however, some countries might have different fees.

The visa fee should only be submitted to the consulate/ embassy when the visa is issued. When the visa is rejected, there’s no need to pay the fees. If any approved agency is taking the matter other than the Consulate General or Embassy of Japan, then the processing fees could also be charged, including the visa fee.