6 Simple Steps to get Germany Visa from Australia

Every year many people apply for a Germany visa from Australia. Nuremberg Christmas Market, the Old Town Hall in Bamberg, Cologne Cathedral, Octoberfest, the Schwerin Castle, all have made the Federal Republic of Germany one of the most popular Schengen tourist destination. This is not all, German sausages, breads and a variety of beers have made it a uniquely refreshing Schengen country. Applying Germany visa from Australia is very easy process. As Germany is located in Schengen zone, to enter here requires the applicants to follow all the rules defined in the Schengen Agreement.  In this blog, we are going to share all the basic info about Germany visa appointment booking, Germany Schengen visa flight itinerary, Schengen travel insurance, Germany visa hotel booking and Germany visa processing time. Read on to know it all.

      Who can apply Germany Schengen visa from Australia?

      Those who are permanent residents of Australia, they do not need to apply for a Schengen visa. According to 1950’s bilateral visa waiver agreement between Australian and Schengen zone, any Australian passport holder can enter and move freely in Germany for about 90 days (in some Schengen areas for 180 days in total).

      Those who are not permanent Australian residents can also apply for Germany Schengen visa from Australia. But it requires them to present the proof of their legal residence in Australia.

      Where to apply for Germany Schengen visa from Australia?

      To apply for a Germany Schengen visa from Australia, you need to contact VFS centers where your Germany visa application will be processed.

      For Germany visa application submission, one has to contact VFS Global Australia. Their offices are located in

      Vfs office Sydney

      Vfs office Melbourne

      Vfs office Canberra

      Vfs office Brisbane

      Vfs office Perth

      Vfs office Adelaide

      Applications can be submitted in any of these offices according to your convenience.


      Types of Schengen Visas available for Australians

      • Schengen Visa type C: This visa can be applied for the purposes like travel, business and visiting friends and family. This one is applied for 90 days only.
      • National Visa type D: This one is applied for an extended period of time. Those who wish to travel Germany for tourism, business, short term employment and student exchange for a period spanning between 91 to 180 days, should apply for this Schengen visa type.
      • Airport Transit Visa type A: This visa is applied for the airport transit session only.

      Steps to apply for Germany Schengen Visa from VFS Global in Australia

      To apply for a Germany visa from Australia, the applicants should start the visa process from 30 to 90 (from minimum to maximum) days before the start of your trip. Sometimes visa processing may take time, so it is always recommended to apply a bit earlier.

      Step1: Get your Germany Visa application form

      Firstly, you must visit the official website ‘VFS Global’. Here you have to pick the visa type that you are going to apply on. Clicking on your visa type will take you to the Germany visa application form along with the checklist of the required documents. Download the visa form PDF file named “Checklist and Schengen Visa form” on your device. Fill this Germany visa application form with black or blue pen and get the print. Referring to the given checklist is the best option to know about all the required documentation to apply for a Germany visa from Australia.

      Step2: Book an Appointment

      Visit the official website and click on the link given on the top ‘Book an appointment’. Every applicant needs to register here first as a new user. Once you have registered here successfully, pick the appointment time and date that suits you the best.

      Step3: Arrange the Documents

      To visit Germany or any other Schengen country, every applicant needs to submit some supporting documents. You have all the details about them in the checklist given on the visa application form. Both photocopies and original documents can be demanded. So, be sure that you have already worked on that. Here is the basic documentation required for Germany Schengen visa. Other documents may vary according to the visa type.



      Step4: Pay your fee

      Clicking on the ‘visa type’ option, you will see the option of ‘Visa fees’ right on the top of the webpage. Clicking there will give you full details of the fee structure for that particular visa.  Fees can be paid by Debit Card or Visa or Master card while submitting your application at Visa Application Center.

      Following is the basic fee structure according to the duration of trip and age group.

      • 90 days Schengen visa for 98 AUD/€60
      • National visa for more than 90 days -fees may vary
      • Children between 6 to 12 need to pay 58 AUD/€35
      • Children under 6 can travel free of cost

      Step5: Attend your visa appointment

      Once you are notified about your Germany visa appointment, you must appear in the visa center or embassy about 10 minutes before the given time.

      Do not forget to bring any documents if you have been asked by the embassy or mentioned in the documents checklist.

      Dress up decently and reply every question honestly. The visa officer may ask you about anything that you have mentioned in the visa application form. Here you will have to submit your visa application (the one you filled in earlier) in person.

      Step6: Track your visa application

      The applicants can actually keep a track of their visa application by direct SMS on their mobile number. Applicants can also receive emails containing info about any updates on visa application. Other than the former options, you can directly check your visa application status online by entering your reference number (as given on invoice issued by visa application center).

      Decision on your Germany Visa application

      Once the visa processing is over, your passport will be returned. If there is nothing wrong with your visa application, it will be approved. In case of rejection, you will be notified about it. The applicant can always go for an appeal against the decision of visa rejection. In case of any issue, you can contact on the following details.

      Contact Centre: +61282784527

      Contact Centre Hours of Operation: 9:00 to 17:00 AEST

      Email: [email protected]