A travel trip to a Schengen region is quite thrilling and mesmerizing. If your Schengen visa gets approved at the embassy, now it’s time to pack your bags and initiate your journey. Whether the traveling destination is France or Italy, there are some common things to pack with you. What do you need with you on your trip? We have made an essential travel guide to Schengen countries that will aid you in your packing.

The Must Essentials:

This list includes the things without which you cannot even travel to a Schengen State.

Hotel Reservation

You need to plan beforehand where you are going to stay. Gone are the days when you actually have to be standing in front of the hotel desk to ask for a room. Now you can do it easily by using your smartphone or computer. Selecting the hotel is entirely up to your budget. You can always use our services for hotel reservation online.

Passport Pouch

Passport is an essential document necessary for your Schengen countries visit. You need to keep it somewhere safe with you all the time. It is your identity abroad. Buy yourself a passport pouch and keep other important things in it as well like credit cards, money, etc. Make sure you place it somewhere safe like under your shirt because the public places of Europe are renowned for pickpockets. 



Travel Insurance

It is also a necessary requirement when you are traveling to an international destination. You need it to cover yourself abroad because your current insurance plan might not be effective in the Schengen region. We are providing Schengen travel insurance for individual travelers and the whole family.


You need a good amount in your bank account to visit a Schengen state. Your round trip ticket and hotel rooms are ready for you, but you need money for other arrangements like traveling, paying entry tickets, and buying food. For all these, you need to carry an internationally working credit card or cash.


Where are you going to place your things? Mainly, you have two options: go for a wheeled suitcase or a travel backpack. Both of the choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wheeled suitcases are harder to drag on the cobblestone staircases that are mainly present in the Schengen region. On the other hand, carrying a heavy backpack could ruin the fun of your trip. It is suggested to take both. Leave the suitcase in the hotel room and travel with your light weighted backpack around that only contains the things you need for the current roaming.

How You Are Going to Present Yourself?

Things you wear tell about your personality. The first impression is considered to be the last, so choose wisely.


Europeans are known for their fashionable clothing. They claim to tell the nationality of the person just by looking at their shoes. So don’t worry about what you are going to wear. Just try to be as comfortable as you can. Keep in mind the season you are going to visit. Other than packing your casual clothes take a few formal dresses as well because you might end up having a fancy dinner at a beautiful restaurant other than visiting museums and hiking.

Along with your outfits, take comfortable undergarments with you as well. Socks should also be on your list. Pack at least five pieces of both.


Don’t pack your bag with so many shoes because they consume greater space in the luggage. Take two pairs specifically. One should be the most comfortable shoes you have so that you can wear them when you travel in the daytime. Another should be an elegant pair that you can wear at night. To fully enjoy your trip, don’t take the new pair of shoes that you need to break in because they won’t be very cozy and you might need to walk a lot.


An outfit is only completed with the correct accessories. Don’t forget to pack different accessories to enhance your everyday look. Obviously, you are going to share your pictures on social media so make sure you don’t forget anything behind. Accessories that you can pack are:

  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Scarves
  • Sunglasses
  • Tie
  • Hairstyling items


                  HOTEL RESERVATION

The Lifelines of the New Generation:

In this era of technology, it is hard to live without the electronic devices we own. These are the electronic essentials you will need.


You won’t forget it that’s for sure, but there are other things related to it that you must think before you go. How are you going to contact your loved one from the Schengen state? You can use the free Wi-Fi to use the online calling services, or you can choose international roaming for your SIM card.


If you don’t like the pictures your phone takes, then have a camera with you to turn every joyful time into an everlasting moment.

Power strip and outlet plugs

In the Schengen region, you will see that the power outlets are different from your country. Thus, we recommend you to take voltage plug converters with you that not only connect your devices to the outlet but also protect them in the case of power surge. Go for the international power adaptor.

There is a high probability that your hotel room has only one or two power outlets. If that happens, you won’t be able to charge all of your devices overnight. Take a small power strip with you for your own convenience.

Portable Charger

You will be on the run all the time on your trip. It is highly suggested to buy yourself a portable charger so you won’t be having any problem in charging your phone while traveling.

Here is the short list of other objects that you might want to take with you depending on your personal needs:

  • Laptop
  • Earphones
  • Tablet
  • Books
  • Novels
  • Toiletries
  • Personal towel
  • Baby Essentials
  • Prescribed medications

Final Words:

Schengen countries provide amazing experience to the visitors which you can only enjoy when you are at ease. So, pack those things that make you feel comfortable.