Scholarship Program

VisaBookings- Scholarship Program

Last Updated 15 Jan 2021

VisaBookings announced scholarship program to promote students who love traveling and want to experience different cultures around the globe.

VisaBookings is online visa specialist company that providence visa guidance, required visa related documents to international tourists. We simplified the travel visa process and travelers can apply for a travel visa with ease.

Applying for travel visa process is complicated as it involves multiple steps and lot of documentation. Travel visa can be rejected if the visa applicants miss any step or miss any documentation and all vacation plans will be ruined. The founders of VisaBookings came up with the idea of simplifying visa application process and provide all the visa documents online so that visa applicants have no problem in getting travel visas.

Visabookings is proud to announce scholarship for promoting young talents to travel abroad, experience different culture, make network and apply those experiences at university. 



    How To Apply For A Scholarship

    All participants will be able to apply before Aug 20, 2021. After this day, scholarship applications will be reviewed and the winner of US $500 will be announced on Sep 20, 2021.

    Email your details to [email protected] with subject as “Scholarship Application” and provide the details listed below with required documents attached.

    • Your complete name, geographical location, and phone number
    • Copy of your transcript. This must contain your GPA.
    • Write an essay in Pdf format

    Eligibility Requirements

    • Applicants must have 3.0 GPA or the equivalent to a 3.0 GPA. Refer the equivalence table for different grading systems.
    • Be a student at the time of application and on Aug 20, 2021

    Essay Requirements

    Write a 500-word essay discussing on the below parts

    • How you learned of a new culture while traveling abroad (either by travel or making friend, or by something else)
    • How that cultural experience improved your personal & professional life

    Writing Standard

    • Grammar and/or spelling mistake for the complete essay
    • Inconsistent essay or poorly organized essay (details are not relevant context and deviates from the goal)
    • Failed to meet the expectations (author did not revise his/her writing and just wrote imaginary stuff)

    Scholarship Delivery

    The scholarship winner will be announced after VisaBookings judging panel reviews all submissions. Award will only be issued when atleast 20 submissions are received by the deadline date. Payment will be handed out in USD dollars.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which nationalities does this scholarship apply to? All nationalities.
    2. Can post-grad and grad students apply? Yes.
    3. Can students who are not currently attending university but have been accepted to a university apply? No, you can always apply the following year.
    4. My school uses a grading system different from the US Grade Point Average system. Can I apply and what do I do? Yes, you can apply. Check the table of equivalence before applying.

    Electronic Consent

    All applicants who submit their entries consents to the company reviewing each submitted document and to retain such in company files. Company shall not be obligated to return any submitted documents. This scholarship application program is subject to both review and change by VisaBookings management’s sole discretion. Interested applicants need to check this page regularly for any new updates.