With its beautiful countryside, majestic castles, and historical sites, Luxembourg should definitely hold a firm place on traveler’s bucket lists. Some nationalities may find that a Luxembourg visa is required in order to enter the country and if this applies to you, there is more information below on how you can apply for a Luxembourg visa. Throughout this post, we dive into the must-dos and must-sees that are on offer in Luxembourg along with all the things that make this country so special.

How To Apply For A Luxembourg Visa?

Luxembourg is a member of the European Union and is also a member of the Schengen agreement. This means that certain nationalities will need to apply for a Schengen visa in order to enter the country. Along with a signed and completed Schengen visa application for several other documentation is required including flight itineraries, hotel reservations, means of subsistence, travel insurance, and a no-objection letter. Flight itineraries are also known as dummy tickets and are presented as reserved flight tickets. Embassies strongly advise not purchasing real flight tickets prior to Schengen visa approval and instead recommend obtaining flight itineraries. To ensure that the correct documentation is received flight itineraries or dummy tickets should be acquired from specialized visa documentation companies. Hotel reservations are requested to ensure that the traveler has accommodation secured for the duration of the trip and travel insurance is needed so that the traveler is covered medically while abroad. A no objection letter should be written by a teacher or an employer and should state that the traveler is financially stable due to employment/scholarship status. It should also note that the traveler is expected to return to their home country to resume employment/study commitments.

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Luxembourg – The Capital Of Luxembourg:

Strangely enough, the capital city of Luxembourg shares the same name as the country and is called, wait for it….. Luxembourg. Being the largest metropolitan area of the country, the city of Luxembourg has a population of around 110,000 people. The cobbled streets of the capital city take you on a journey past the fortress wall, past the beautiful canals, and passes stunning medieval memorabilia. Compared to many other European capital cities there isn’t a mass of infamous attractions or events but Luxembourg offers something that is rare for capital cities, and that is tranquillity. The country itself is very small and is often not recognized by many travelers, but the city of Luxembourg has gorgeous views everywhere you look and has a very laid back feel to it. One of the attractions you should see in Luxembourg city is Le Chemin de la Corniche which is also known as Europe’s most beautiful balcony. The attraction consists of an elevated promenade that presents picturesque views of the Alzette and Petrusse rivers as well as the Barrio Grund. Also found in the charming city of Luxembourg is the oldest bridge in the city, Passerelle Bridge and the National Museum of Art and History.

Places To Go In Luxembourg:

On the bank of the River Sure sits the quaint town of Echternach where you can find the Benedictine Abbey. Dated back to the 7th century the Benedictine Abbey contains four wings built around the courtyard. Nearby is the Mullerthal, and Germano-Luxembourg natural park and the forests that surround them lead the way to fascinating rock formations and waterfalls all with fantastic views. Visiting Echternach from the end of May to late June you should definitely attend the International Music Festival. The majestic Bourscheid Castle is found in the village of Bourscheid and stands 137 meters above the river Sure. As stunning as the castle looks during the day there is something magical about it at night when it’s lit up against the dark sky. Surrounding areas include two small river beaches at Dirbach and Bourscheid-Plage. From Bourscheid the villages of Kehmen, Welscheid, and Michelau are all within walking distance and are all just as picture-perfect as the others. Another small town that is highly regarding in the country is that of Esch-Sur-Sure. The features of this village are it’s riverside walks along the River Sure, the ruined manor house built in AD 927, and as with everywhere in Luxembourg, its outrageously beautiful views.


Nestled in between Germany, Belgium, and France Luxembourg is in the heart of Europe. Even though it is a landlocked country, accessibility is extremely simple here as there are several train stations, bus stations, and an airport. There are regular routes to bordering countries, and you can even reach Paris in around 4 hours from the city of Luxembourg. Getting around the country is also easy via public transport and driving. Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world, and the city of Luxembourg is one of the most relaxed cities in the world. So there is quite literally nothing to worry about when visiting Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a happy and beautiful country, and although it may be small, it definitely makes up for its size by its amount of character. It is one of the richest countries in the world per capita and has a wealth of memories on offer to those who travel there.

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