White sandy beaches and a tropical climate, need I say more? The Bahamas are on most people’s travel bucket lists and who could blame them. In this post, we are looking at the Bahamas in all its glory and the things you simply must do on your visit.

Visa Requirements:

Some nationalities may need to obtain a visa in order to visit the Bahamas. For those residing outside of the USA, UK, and Europe, applying for a Schengen visa will enable you to enter the country. Along with the Schengen visa application form, a number of other documents will also be requested. These include flight itineraries, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and a no-objection letter. To acquire flight itineraries or dummy tickets as they are also known, you need to contact a specialized visa company to ensure that the correct documents are issued. A flight itinerary or dummy ticket is a reserved flight ticket to and from the destination country. Providing hotel reservations and travel insurance will prove to the authorities that accommodation is secured for the length of the trip and that medical cover is valid while abroad. A no objection letter is typically written by an employer or teacher and should state that the traveler is financially stable due to employment/scholarship status. It should also mention that the traveler is expected to return to their home country to resume employment/study commitments. For more information on visas and any of the documentation mentioned above visit VisaBookings.



Heading To The Beach:

The first thing that comes to mind when the Bahamas are mentioned is the glorious white sandy beaches but in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau the sands aren’t all quite as white as you might think. Here, the sands are tinted a pretty pale pink color and still have the serene surroundings you would expect. Another gorgeous beach in Nassau is Cable Beach. Being the most developed beach in the Bahamas, Cable Beach is surrounded by upmarket hotels, bars, and restaurants. One of the most popular tourist spots in the Bahamas is Blue Lagoon Island, also known as Salt Cay. This reformed dive training area has beautifully long stretches of beach as well as the infamous Dolphin Encounters experience. Tourists flock to Blue Lagoon Island for the unforgettable experience of swimming with dolphins.


In the expansive Atlantis Bahamas Resort is where the Paradise Island Water Park can be found. The family-friendly water park has a huge variety of water slides and pools along with with a man-made beach, pool bars, and a lazy river. Surrounded by so much water snorkeling and scuba diving is a must in the Bahamas. In downtown Nassau is where John Watling’s Distillery lies. Tourists head for the complete tour of the groomed gardens, coconut husk barrels, and the brewing halls but no one leaves without a taste of the country’s most loved rum. One of the best places for a peek beneath the water’s surface is Andros where you can gaze upon miles of the third largest barrier reef. The marine life in this area includes scorpionfish, blue tangs, parrotfish, and much more. For an up-close and personal marine life experience you will want to go to Half Moon Cay. A thirty-minute boat trip from Nassau to these shallow waters presents the opportunity to paddle with the stingrays. The tours include an in-depth guide to the rays and their habitats along with the chance to feed them.

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