With a visit to Greece, it’s near impossible to choose a dull or boring spot.  Mainland Greece is just as picturesque as the stunning Greek islands, the hardest part is choosing where to go. Some nationalities will need to acquire a schengen greece visa in order to visit but once you see what’s waiting, it’s well worth it. Take a read through this post to find out exactly what kind of adventure you can find in Greece and how to get yourself a Greek visa.


                  HOTEL RESERVATION

Schengen Visa Requirements For Greece:

Greece is part of the European Union and also the Schengen agreement. For some, this means applying for a Greek Schengen visa. More often than not visa applications cause much confusion but you shouldn’t let that stop you from traveling to those countries you so desperately want to visit. When applying for a Greek visa you will first need to fill out a Schengen visa application, this can be done online as long as you are able to put your signature on it. Part of the Greek Schengen visa application process is to provide documentation and dummy tickets. This includes flight itineraries, passport size pics, hotel reservations, travel insurance, financial proof of sufficiency, and a no-objection letter. Along with these documents, the visa application also requires two passport-sized photos, proof of address, and proof of civil status. A flight itinerary, also known as a dummy ticket, is a visa approved reserved flight ticket to the destination. This is to assure the embassies that you are not planning on overstaying.  A hotel reservation is to confirm that you have accommodation secured and travel insurance will cover you medically whilst abroad. A no objection letter is provided typically by an employer or teacher to vouch that you will be returning to your home country as you have employment/study commitments. For more in-depth information on how to acquire the correct documentation for a Greek Schengen visa application head to VisaBokings, where you will find everything you need to know and more.

The Wonders Of Greece:

With the sunshine showering down throughout most of the year, Greece has much to be desired. Its history lives on in the many ancient Greek ruins found through the country and its islands. Near the capital city of Athens, you can explore The Theatre Of Epidaurus, an ancient Greek amphitheater. Seating 14,000 people the theatre is a reminder of the true artistic talent of the ancient Greeks. Heading to Rhodes you can see the ruins of the statue, Colossus Of Rhodes. The original statue was an outstanding creation for its time due to the lack of technology and machinery. It is believed to have stood 33metres tall and was built between 292 and 280 B.C.E. Unfortunately, the statue was brought down due to a massive earthquake but the Colossus Of Rhodes is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. On the island of Crete stands The Palace of Knossos, the largest archaeological site of the bronze age. Being Crete’s biggest tourist hot-spot, it is believed that it was built by King Minos and once housed the mythical creature, the Minotaur.


The Greek Landscape:

Greece has many mountains and cliffs providing breath-taking views over the land below and the sea stretching into the distance. Here you can experience trekking, mountain climbing, paragliding, and much more. With its many islands and expansive coastline Greece has some of the best beaches in the world. Golden sands and teal blue waters are what awaits in Greece. The jagged coastline provides many caves and snorkeling opportunities along with regular boat trips and sunset cruises. There is plenty of water sports you can try including jet skiing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, canoeing, and much more. Where ever you go to Greece, you will never be far from a beach.

Greek Dishes:

For the Greeks, dining is an activity. Eating in traditional Greek restaurants you will notice that the locals take their time with there food. An evening meal can often take a few hours to consume as they socialize with friends and appreciate what is in front of them. Gyros and kebabs are very popular in Greece and are served in most restaurants. Moussaka is a rich meaty dish that many tourists come to love along with traditional Greek salads, Souvlaki, and the assortment of sweet Greek treats wrapped in kataifi pastry. Meze, which is similar to tapas, is in large supply in many restaurants throughout Greece and offers a selection of meat and fish dishes that can be shared within your group. So, order a glass of ouzo and feast upon the iconic Greek delicacies.

Travel Budgets:

One of the most desirable aspects of Greece is the affordability factor. The Greek currency is euros and as far as accommodation goes, it caters to all budgets. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury Greece has a wide-range of 5star hotels and holiday resorts to choose from. Backpackers and travelers on a budget are able to grab a bargain at many of the hostels, campsites, and budget B&B’s throughout the country. Mealtimes are very affordable in Greece with most main dishes ranging from €7 to €12 ($8 – $14). A night out on the town will again save you money as many bars and clubs offer drink deals and happy hours along with endless entertainment.

Whether you want a beach holiday or an adventure holiday a visit to Greece can deliver it all. Discover its history, taste the traditional foods, and head to the white sandy beaches for some fun. The first visit to Greece is rarely the last, so grab your passport and set off on the ultimate Greek adventure.