Travel Visa Guide For Portugal Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique

Portugal is a country located in west coast of Europe with magnificent mountains, eye catching beautiful places, endless beaches connecting Atlantic Ocean, palaces that seem to come out of a fairy tale. For Mozambique residents Portugal embassy in Maputo processed Schengen visa applications. Portugal embassy in Maputo has an agreement with Vfs Global Mozambique to receive Schengen Visa Applications and forward to Portugal consulate. Find out how difficult is to apply for a Portugal visa at Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique

Schengen visa (2019) stats issued at Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique



Total Uniform visas applied for

Total Uniform visas Issued

Multiple entry uniform visas issued

Total LTV Visas issued

Portugal embassy in Maputo






Visa Application Fee Structure for Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique

Application fee is collected on behalf of the Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique

Visa TypeFee Eur
Tourism Visa80 Eur
Business Visa72.55 Eur
Medical Treatment80 Eur
Study VisaNo fee
Sports and Cultural Events Visa80 Eur
Transit Visa80 Eur
Transport Visa80 Eur


VFS Service Fee: 

Vfs Global has set a service fee for processing Schengen visa application and collected in local currency Mozambican metical (MZN). Service fee is non-refundable, unless the applicant decides not to submit their file before the biometric data is collected. The service fee is 2700 MZN, which can be paid in cash when submitting the application.

Visa Application Processing time

Portugal embassy in Maputo processes Schengen visa applications in 15 calendar days (but may take up to 60 days). It is recommended that the applicants are requested to apply well in advance to the intended date of journey.

Schengen Visa Types issued by Portugal consulate in Maputo, Mozambique

Schengen visas are issued for about 90 day or less depending the reasons for applying visa which are explained below. National visa is also issued which has the duration longer than 90 days.

Visa Applicants can choose category depending on below reasons

  • Visitor Visa- This visa is issues for tourism/vacation purposes
  • Business Visa- This visa is issues for professional/work related purposes
  • Family visa- This visa is issues for meeting family
  • Airport transit visa- This visa is used for transit
  • Medical visa- This visa is issued for receiving medical treatments
  • Schengen cultural visa- This visa for attending events
  • Study Visa – This visa is used for training or study purpose
  • Sports visa- This visa is issued for sports person

Can Schengen Visa be Used for Single Entry or Multiple Entry?

Consulates offer Schengen visa depending on reasons applied for, documents submitted and the fees paid.  Below are categories applicants can get

Single Entry Visa – Traveler can enter Schengen country only once within 90 days

Multiple Entry Visa – Traveler can enter Schengen country any number of times within 90 days

Can a third party submit my visa application for me?

Personal appearance is mandatory for all visa applicants, unless you are exempt from biometric data entry. Exemptions from the fingerprinting requirement are provided for a limited number of applicants, including children under the age of twelve and persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible. Heads of State and members of the national government with members of their official delegation and spouses will also be exempted, if travelling for official purposes.



Get Schengen Visa Approval From Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique

Applying for a Portugal visa is few steps process and you need to follow steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Fill in Portugal Visa Application Form

Applying for a Portugal Schengen Tourist Visa, your main destination should be Portugal. Depending on your reason for trip select the right Travel visa type. Download the Portugal Schengen visa application and fill it. Print the form and attach a photo. Note that these documents will be requested when submitting your visa application to the Vfs Global center

Step 2: Collect all Required Travel Visa Supported Documents

Below is the list of documents needed which are needed depending on visa type.

  1. Passport size photos
  2. Schengen Visa application form
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Verifiable airline itinerary
  5. Verifiable Hotel Bookings
  6. Proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip
  7. Invitation letter
  8. International medical Insurance policy
  9. No Objection Letter
  10. Address proof
  11. Employment certificate
  12. Marriage/ Birth certificate 

Step 3: Make an appointment with the Vfs Global Visa Application center, Maputo, Mozambique

Click the link schedule an appointment , create an account if you don’t have one by providing required details. Book an appointment by selecting day and time at your convenience to submit your application at our Portugal Visa Application Centre, Maputo, Mozambique. Don’t forget to print your appointment confirmation letter, as it will be required at reception area.

Step 4: Attend Visa Interview at Vfs Global Visa Center for Portugal embassy in Maputo

Read frequently asked questions listed below

  • Purpose of Your Trip?
  • Is anyone sponsoring your trip?
  • How long do you stay?
  • Do you regularly pay your income tax?
  • Can you provide your bank statement?

To refer detailed interview questions, check out Schengen visa interview questions

What To Do on the Date of Visa Interview

Go to Vfs Global Visa application center for Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique on the date of interview atleast 30 min before your interview so that you can relax and have an overview of the location to get yourself comfortable. Ensure you got all required documents along with photocopies for your visa application. During the interview process you may be required to give biometrics data depending on consulate requirements. After the biometrics is done you need to pay the required Schengen visa fee & service fee and submit your application.

Step 5: Track Visa Application Progress and Collect Your Passport

After the Consulate General of Portugal reviews visa application and has made a decision, passport will be sent to visa application center. Applicants can come in person with photo ID to collect the passport. You will be notified to collect your passport either in person or through a representative. If you have opted for courier service (if available) then passport will be delivered to your mail address.  In some cases, due to incomplete/insufficient supported documents provided, visa application can be rejected

What happens if Schengen Visa is refused

Negative decisions on applications are notified to the applicant. In the refusal letter reasons on which refusal decision was taken are clearly stated. Visa applicants whose applications are refused can decide to apply again or to appeal.

Below are some of the reasons of Schengen Visa Rejection

  • Inadequate explanation of the traveling purpose
  • No travel medical insurance covering trip
  • Invalid passport or Passport expiring in 2 months
  • Lack of financial proof to support trip cost
  • Did not provide proof of accommodation
  • Missing documents

If your Schengen Visa is rejected for some reason then you can re-apply Schengen Visa by following the article Help With Schengen Visa Rejection

Sum Up:

Get to know the procedure for applying visa at Portugal embassy in Maputo, Mozambique and work with Vfs Global to submit your application in person by following this article. Hopefully your visa will be approved and you can enjoy your trip with family, friends & others. Holders of a new Schengen visa, or of a Schengen visa still valid, therefore, are not automatically allowed to enter Portugal and Schengen territory and must comply with the travel restrictions in force at Schengen level and at the level of the country of first entry into the Schengen area because of Covid pandemic. It is indeed the responsibility of each traveler to check the travel restrictions in place before departure