Located in Northern Europe the Nordic country of Denmark has some pretty breath-taking scenery. The Danish are known for their wit and their drinking abilities, (alcoholic beverages of course), but overall, they are incredibly friendly people. Taking a trip to Denmark with its Viking history and its unspoiled lands are guaranteed to be memorable. For some nationalities, a Denmark visa may be required and if that is the case then continue reading to find out exactly how to apply for one as well as taking a peek at some of the spots in Denmark.

Schengen Visa Requirements For Denmark Visa:

Denmark is a member of the European Union and also part of the Schengen agreement. This means that certain nationalities that plan on traveling to Denmark will need to apply for a Schengen visa. Along with a completed Schengen visa application form, passport size pics, you will need to provide additional documentation in order to obtain Schengen visa approval. Such documentation includes flight itineraries otherwise known as dummy tickets, hotel confirmation, Means of subsistence, a travel insurance policy, and a no-objection letter. To prevent travelers from losing money on flight tickets in the event that they do not receive Schengen visa approval, Embassies are advising all travelers against purchasing real flight tickets until they have been awarded Schengen visa approval. Instead, they suggest purchasing flight itineraries or dummy tickets as they are sometimes called. These are reserved flight tickets that are flexible. You are unable to acquire flight itineraries or dummy tickets directly from airlines, so instead, you will need to speak with a specialized visa requirement company. Hotel confirmation is needed to ensure that the traveler has accommodation in place for the duration of the trip and a copy of the travel insurance policy is required to ensure that the traveler is covered medically while abroad. Another one of the Schengen visa requirements is to provide a no-objection letter which should be written by an employer or a teacher. It should state that they are aware of the individual’s travel plans and that they are financially stable due to employment/scholarship status. Also, the no objection letter must mention that the traveler is expected to return to their home country to resume study/employment commitments. If you require any assistance with the above mentioned Schengen visa documentation, please visit VisaBookings where a member of our dedicated team can advise you.

Things To Do With The Family:

With Denmark being such an outdoorsy place it’s not hard to find things to do that are family-friendly. In Billund, you can find a Legoland that features reconstructions of icon buildings and statues, some of which are found in Denmark. The kids will appreciate the whopping 25 acres of Lego-themed entertainment, from Pirateland and Castleland to the multiple rides and rollercoasters. In the country’s capital, a fun-filled family day out could involve a good old trip to the Copenhagen Zoo. Unfolding over 27 acres of land and home to around 3000 animals, Copenhagen Zoo is actually one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Children will have a blast here as the zoo has multiple sections including an area where they can pet and cuddly animals like the Dwarf Goat.

Denmark’s History:

Some of Denmark’s most famous bits of history travel back to the Viking days. So naturally, a visit to Denmark would not be complete without having a look at some Viking artifacts. In Roskilde, is a Viking Museum. Here, you can find five preserved Viking boats on display. The Vikings were famous for their craftsmanship when it came to ships and the ones at the museum are over one thousand years old. Outside of the museum, there is a reconstructed Viking boat where you can dress up in true Viking attire and pose on the ship like a true warrior. For those that are intrigued by the Viking era, take a trip to Lindholm Hoje as this is where the best Viking artifacts are located. This is a Viking gravesite that has over 682 graves. It is believed that the graves date back to not only the Viking age but the iron age as well. Along with the gravesite, there are approximately 150 stone carvings of ships along with a preserved village that was used by the Vikings. Inside the Lindholm Hoje museum, 3D exhibitions have been created to highlight what life was like for the Vikings.

Castles And Churches:

Just like all European countries, Denmark has some pretty magnificent castles and churches. In Skagen, the coastal northernmost town of Denmark lies the sand buried Church, the Den Tilsandede Kirke. The area has always been known for its vast sand dunes, and over the years these sands have drifted around the church eventually burying it. All that is viable of the Den Tilsandede Kirke now is the main tower which surfaces above the sand. Had it not been enveloped in the sand this church would have been the largest in the region. The Den Tilsandede Kirke dates back to the 14th century and was built in honor of Saint Laurence, the seafarer Saint. On Denmark’s third largest island, Funen is where Egeskov Castle can be found. Complete with a working moat this castle is one of the most famous buildings in Europe. Its iconic Renaissance architecture showcases the castle’s elegant spires and towers. Inside, you can visit the Mighty Knight’s Hall or stay outside you can enjoy a relaxing segway ride around the castle’s grounds. When traveling around different countries, you obviously want to explore the areas of most recognized spots as well as the hidden gems. Any trip to Verona, Italy would likely include visiting Juliet’s house and most importantly her balcony as beautifully described by William Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet. So, when visiting Denmark, you should definitely consider visiting Kronborg Castle situated in Helsingor. This castle is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the setting for the infamous play Hamblet. Another loved masterpiece by William Shakespeare. A castle also in the Renaissance style with walls that are decorated with historic tapestries and intricate wooden statues that stand proudly.

Sights To See:

If you plan on visiting the west coast of Denmark, particularly Esbjerg then makes sure you marvel at The Giants Of Esbjerg. Designed by Danish artist Svend Wiig, these four giant statues look like men sitting on a hill looking out toward the coastline. Another popular yet smaller statue is The Little Mermaid Statue found in Copenhagen. Dedicated to Danish author Hans Christian Andersen who wrote a story on the Little Mermaid, the famous bronze statue is over 100 years old now. Speaking of the legendary Danish Author, any fans of his can visit the Hans Christian Andersen museum at his hometown of Odense. For history buffs, a tour around the Ancient Fortress Of Kastellet should definitely be on the agenda. The star-shaped fortress was the main security site protecting Copenhagen and was commissioned by King Christian IV back in 1660. Within the citadel, there is a church, park, and a windmill.

From colorful towns to iconic buildings, there is much to see in Denmark. Rich in history and culture, the Danish are proud of their country and all it has to offer. If you are planning a vacation to Europe any time soon, then you should definitely consider witnessing the dazzling sights of Denmark.

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